Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hail, Hail Freedonia

The Mickey Mouse country of Freedonia has financially collapsed and is begging benefactors to lend it money to stave off bankruptcy. To pull it out of this terrible crisis, Freedonia appoints as its leader the 'progressive, fearless fighter' Rufus T. Firefly, a man with a thick moustache and bushy eyebrows, who declares:

The last man nearly ruined this place

He didn't know what to do with it
If you think this country's bad off now
Just wait till I get through with it

The country's taxes must be fixed

And I know what to do with it
If you think you're paying too much now
Just wait till I get through with it.


Hermes said...

Another ridiculously misinformed article (not supported by a rudimentary understanding of Greek history or geography) by Robert Kaplan but important to read to understand how some American elite opinions are formed:

For a rather intelligent critique of Kaplan read here:

John Akritas said...

There've been some ludicrous articles written about Greece in the last few months, but none more ludicrous than Kaplan's.

lastgreek said...

Kaplan is a mouni who works for the Ameican empire. This is not hyperbole--he is on the Pentagon's payroll. The mouni even had the audacity a few years ago to call Hugo Chavez a narco-terrorist. Chavez's "crime"? He dared to place the interests of his people ahead of America's corporate elite.

Anyway... fuck shitty rags like The New York Times, or similar rags like The Wall Street Journal. Does anyone here recall a recent article in the online version of the WSJ which claimed that there was rampant antisemitism in Greece because of some arson attack on an old synagogue in Crete? To the author's dismay, Greek authorities eventually caught the arsnonists. They were... a couple of Brits and an American. What a laugh!

lastgreek said...

For a rather intelligent critique of Kaplan read here:

Thanks for the great link. I also enjoyed very much the comments that followed.

Keeping on topic... I think that "Freedonia" would be a great name for Skopje to adopt.

John Akritas said...

I had the same thought about Freedonia and Skopje; but Greece is on its knees – and shows every sign of intending to stay there – so why should the Skopjans listen to any Greek strictures about what they can call themselves?

lastgreek said...


Nothing to do with the Greeks. I figured the Skopjans must be big Groucho Marx fans, and that they would have been delighted to have their country's name bestowed onto them by none other than the great Groucho. I mean... aren't we all Groucho Marx fans? ;)

but Greece is on its knees – and shows every sign of intending to stay there...-

It's official: junk bond status.

If I were PM of Greece...

Hermes said...

I cannot believe just how incompetent Greek (and some EU) politicians are. This crisis has brought out their blithering idiocy more than what I had previously thought. Papandreou is only fit to coach his son's football team.

And the unions are hilarious. The country is being downgraded weekly and they decide to go on nationwide walkouts. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Phitidis Anon

I have had it. I will never ever go to a voting booth again. Next week I shall join the strikers in Piraeus. Our government is a nest of underworld economic criminals. They can not be Greeks, they are something else. They must go.

John Akritas said...

Where's Karamanlis and the lovely Natasha? Are they still in Rafina? I haven't heard Kosta utter a word about the mess he has a large responsibility for. If Greece were a serious country, there would be accountability, instead of which Greeks are spectators in this crisis. Funnily enough, H. I reckon the strikes and so on have been pretty tame so far – though they allow the international media to beef up the story by portraying Greeks as on the brink of revolution. In 1992, one million Greeks demonstrated in Pedion tou Areos in favour of the Greekness of Macedonia. These KKE-Syriza strikes are nothing… in terms of numbers, but I guess they are symptomatic of the idiotic way a large proportion of Greeks do politics and the fact that the rest of Greek society allows them to get away with it.

Hermes said...

John Akritas, do you think that many Greeks would turn today in favour of the Greekness of Macedonia???? Fat chance.

Also Anons, do you think those unionists are demonstrating to kick the immigrants out of the country and re-establish national sovereignty??? Fat Chance. They are demonstrating to protect their own little turf. They are useless parasites not much better than the political class.

If Greeks really cared about national issues they would be out on the streets when fully armed Turkish jets buzz over Greek islands or when an occupation army continues to remain in Cyprus.

John Akritas said...

H. Although I haven't been to Greece for a while, my feeling is that 'ordinary' Greeks still have strong patriotic instincts and that 'ordinary' Greeks' have always been more patriotic than the political class – which is contemptuous of 'ordinary' Greeks and their sentiments, regards them as irrelevant, backward and so on. Even now, we see how the vast majority of Greeks are against 'lending' Skopje in any way the name 'Macedonia' and yet our political class is openly negotiating a deal that will allow Fyromia to be called 'The Republic of Northern Macedonia'. This is typical capitulation of the Greek political class.

Hermes said...

John, Skopje is a an "easy" national issue. But for more difficult national issues, where are the Greeks on the street?

One of the biggest myths is that the average Greek is patriotic and the political class is not. Empirical evidence suggest that the average Greek is not patriotic i.e. street protests due to Turkish aggression. Also, if Greeks were patriotic they would not vote in the idiots ruling them for 35 years who have brought the country to ruin.

Lastly, southern Europe have the lowest values for "willingness to fight for one's country" in the World Values Survey. Greece was not included but it should be consistent with Italy and Spain. Guess who is most willing? Scandinavians.

lastgreek said...

If Greeks really cared about national issues they would be out on the streets...-

...instead of in front of the tv--young and old--watching soaps (when they're not watching talent programs, of course).

PS funny thing today... I had a craving for pastitsio.

Hermes said...

I disagree that Leftish governments or movements are inherently anti-national or anti-patriotic. Let's remember where patriotism of the modern kind originated - amongst the so called Left of the French Revolution. Further, historically some sections of the Left in Greece has periodically been patriotic. However, I agree with Vertuli that the only organised groups are the Communists, anarchists and other Pink Leftists. I also agree with Vertuli that the groups you see protesting on the Greek streets today are simply protesting because the continued largesse they were expecting from PASOK is unlikely to eventuate. These unionists do not care about Hellas or Hellenism. They only care about themselves. If they toppled the government they would only seek to install another bunch of lunatics who would payout large sums of money to union fat cats.

Given all this talk of Left and Right, let's not forget that these political categories are foreign imports. They are not Greek.

The General (Makrygiannis) does not mention parties. Papadiamantis does not either. Neither does Solomos. Nor Elytis. Kondylis, after an initial flirtation with Marxism, steered clear of any party or ideological orientation as if it were cancer.

If these great men do not mention these foreign diseases on the Greek spirit then why should we?

lastgreek said...

These unionists do not care about Hellas or Hellenism.-

What about welfare bums like the "Greek" shipping magnates? Do they care about Hellas?

Leftist governments, socialists ,are inherently anti national.-

...and the Junta et al were all nationalists. Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

The Junta ? Of course they were nationalists. Did you see any erosion of the national spirit during the Junta ? Did you see any anti Greek policies during the Junta ? Did you see any moral subversion and disregard for tradition, nation ,and Greekeness during the Junta ? Did you see the doors and frontiers opened to foreign immigration during the junta ? Did you see any abdication of national sovereignty during the junta ? Did you see the transformation of our demographics during the Junta ? Did the Junta indebt Greece to the tune of 400bn ? The Junta , with all its weaknesses, was at least Greek, was national, and a far better proposition, defender, and custodian for a Greek nation state than the gang of underworld internationalist criminals that have sold the Greek nation, castrated her sovereignty, and reduced her to a status of a protectorate of the EU. When the scarecrow sick Papandreu calls for a " global governance", global financial governance to not only "rescue" Greece, but to avert a " world catastrophe" one must understand that a paradigm shift has taken place in Greek politics. Greek politics is no longer national politics. The man Papandreu does not care about Greece, he now talks about "world catastrophe". The gang of international agents sitting in power have the " inspiration" of slashing military expenditure,forcing resignations in the air force, implementing measures to impoverish an already hard hit nation, deplete her of its resources, but blithely and merrily going ahead and procuring millions for the erection of the first mosque in the city of Athens, for " Greek muslim citizens" . Who are these Greek muslim citizens? Illegal invaders from Afro-Asia, given privileges in detriment to genuine , indigenous Greeks. A national government would boot these foreigners out without demur; an internationalist government will create a home from home environment for the foreigner. The internationalist criminals governing Greece have in de facto destroyed the Greek nation state . Today we live in a dystopic multiracial , multicultural, perimeter called Greece; an international piece of real estate owned not by Greece, but by aliens. The only salvation for Greece is to get away from the international vultures, rip the system into smithereens, and a return to healthy and vigorous national policies.

lastgreek said...

The Junta , with all its weaknesses, was at least Greek...-

I don't for second doubt that the buffoons were Greek--Greek servants to America's interests. Moreover, said buffoons couldn't measure up to Metaxas' stature even if they were streched a mile long!

Being May 1, I think the following quotation is apropos:

The less you eat, drink, buy books, go to the theatre, go dancing, go drinking, think, love, theorize, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save and the greater will become that treasure which neither moths nor maggots can consume – your capital. The less you are, the less you give expression to your life, the more you have, the greater is your alienated life and the more you store up of your estranged life.-- Karl Marx, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts (1844).

When I first came across the above quotation, without knowing who said it, I thought that it was something a Greek like Socrates would have said. Interesting.

You know... I think green tea is overated; I'll leave it to the Chinese and Japanese. I am not a coffee drinker, either (a Turkish habit in my opinion). My favourite hot beverage is quite Greek... Taraxacum officinale. And when I am not drinking it, I am eating it, topped with a generous amount of Greek olive oil of course.

Hermes said...

If Marx reads like a Greek, it is because he was, like any intelligent person, enamoured with us. His thesis was on Epicurus and Democritus. Of course, he fundamentally misunderstood these thinkers. This is not unique, all Germans misunderstood the Greeks, from Hegel, Fichte, Nietzche and Heidegger.

Drinking is not a Turkish drinking habit. Coffee was drunk in Byzantium by Greeks, probably became known through traders working the routes from Ethiopia and Egypt/Arabia.

lastgreek said...

Interesting, H--I did not know that the midieval Greeks drank coffee. I figured that since the word "briki" is a Mongolian word, ibrik...

Still, my preference is dandelion tea and tsai tou vonou.

lastgreek said...


Hermes said...

Often, the names of everyday items such as food were Turkified but the original item is originally Greek or pre-Turkish i.e. Persian, Syrian etc.

John and everyone else, an interesting new film release called Agora about the life of Hypatia and the struggle of Christianity and paganism in Alexandria. A Spanish production although it has a Hollywood sheen.

John Akritas said...

Agora is on in London at the moment and I'm going to try go and see it some time this week, along with Dogtooth (Kynodontas), a film from Greece, which seems to have garnered a lot of praise. It's unheard of for a Greek film other than an Angelopoulos to be shown in London, so Dogtooth must be worth seeing.

As for coffee, I used to frequent a cafe on Skoufa in Kolonaki, opposite Elytis' home, which insisted on calling Greek coffee, 'Byzantine coffee'.