Monday, 8 November 2010

Jack Straw says Cyprus should be partitioned

Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul is in London this week to pick up the Chatham House Prize for – wait for it – ‘his contribution to improving international relations’. The prize is going to be given to him by the Queen. This is all part of Britain’s policy of bowing and scraping to the Turks. One of the chief exponents of this kow-towing is Jack Straw, foreign secretary from 2001-2006 in Tony Blair’s Labour government. To coincide with Gul’s visit, Straw has been making Turkey’s case on Cyprus in the press (see report in Greek here) and on the airwaves, explaining that in order for Turkey’s EU accession process to go ahead, the obstacle of Cyprus must be removed and this should be done by formally partitioning the island and recognising – Kosovo-style – an independent Turkish state in the north. Above is what the ignorant liar Straw said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning. Prepare to be violently ill.