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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Vasilis Markezinis: stating the obvious

There's nothing remarkable or dramatically insightful about the programme (in Greek) above with Professor Vasilis Markezinis in which he discusses the current state of Greece's foreign relations, the national issues and the impact the economic crisis might have on these.

What Markezinis says is just common sense: Greece needs to make alliances where it can, escape its fear of being on the wrong side of America, show courage, vision, imagination and 'balls'. Markezinis argues for a less supine policy towards Turkey; in particular, he suggests Greece give up advocating Turkey's full membership of the EU. The argument that a Turkey anxious to join the EU would be tamed and less hostile to Greece has been disproved. Turkey's ambitions against Greece – particularly regarding the Aegean and the continental shelf – are long term and Turkey shows no signs of abandoning them.

The economic crisis may well be used to challenge not only Greece's economic sovereignty, but to pressurise Greece to make concessions regarding Macedonia, Kosovo, the Aegean and Cyprus. Markezinis is dismissive and suspicion of the Americans extending the visa waiver programme to Greece. Markezinis believes the likelihood is that Greece won't develop the will or guts to defend its national interests and that intolerable concessions and national retrenchment await the country.

Finally, he says that 'philhellenism' is a Greek word and concept, that no other country uses or feels; the Germans will look after the Germans, the French will look after the French and the English will look after the English. The Greeks, too, should learn to look after themselves.

(Thanks to the Ινφογνώμων Πολιτικά blog for drawing attention to the video).