Monday, 31 March 2014

This is what passes for chic in Turkish-occupied Cyprus

These images have emerged in the Cypriot press today showing Turkish models taking part in a fashion photo-shoot among the tombs and graves of a vandalised Greek cemetery in occupied Cyprus. I don’t think any comment is necessary. (Click on image to enhance).


Anonymous said...

What is sick is they are clearly mocking Cypriot culture and Christianity. And yet the average bozo in the west can't see it. I just don't understand how brain washed liberals have to be to be in such a state of denial.


Loukas Leon said...

Ted, they see it; they just don't care (not all of them of course). And the Turks were not simply mocking our culture and Christianity, but mocking all Cypriots (Greeks); our history; all those butchered, raped and driven out in 1974, etc.

I'm more worried about what we are thinking and doing. I read this article ( in which Andreas Petrou, 'head of the Occupied Communities Committee' thanks the Turk photographer for his 'apology', apparently stating: "The fact that he apologised shows that there is understanding between the two sides and that when anything that occurs on one side that is not in agreement with the other side can be peacefully resolved."

John Akritas said...

I don't think the intention of the photos and photographer is to mock. It's worse than that. What these photos show is the Turks' complete inability to perceive that Greeks – who, to them, are nothing more than giaours – are human and have human feelings. The photos are not a sick joke; but the product of a psychopathic culture.