Friday, 14 February 2014

Το Μικρό Ψάρι, not just a film about Greece

Above is the press conference held at the Berlin Film Festival at which Yiannis Economides’ film Το Μικρό Ψάρι (The Little Fish, known in English as Stratos) is currently competing. One senses listening to Economides that he’s somewhat frustrated with people assuming his portrayal of Greece is necessarily linked to the economic malaise afflicting the country. In fact, Economides has been depicting a withering society and the decrepit individuals that constitute it since 2002, with the release of his first film Σπιρτόκουτο (Matchbox). Indeed, in the press conference Economides goes one step further and says that Το Μικρό Ψάρι is not just a view of the decay of modern Greece but of Western civilisation in general. Economides also makes some interesting references regarding the influence of Japanese cinema and Jean Pierre-Melville’s French crime films on Το Μικρό Ψάρι.

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