Saturday, 20 July 2013

‘Better to die than let the Turks set foot in this holy place’

If you know Greek, then the interview above with retired Lieutenant-General Dimitris Alevromagiros is worth watching. Alevromagiros was serving in Cyprus during the period of the Turkish invasion of the island in July and August 1974 and it’s clear that he was inspired by the heroism of those Greeks from Cyprus and Greece (the latter serving in ELDYK) who, despite overwhelming odds, fought to repel the enemy. His recollection at the end of the interview (from 54:30) of the oath taken by Greek officers to fight to the death to protect from the Turks the Imprisoned Graves (Φυλακισμένα Μνήματα), which consists of the graves of 13 pre-eminent EOKA fighters executed or killed by the British during the struggle for Enosis 1955-59, is particularly stirring.

* I’ve managed to extract the five minutes at the end of the interview in which Lt-Gen Alevromagiros talks of the oath taken to die rather than let the Turks take the Φυλακισμένα Μνήματα, and you can watch the video below.

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Hermes said...

Quite moving.