Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pissarides blasts Cyprus bailout deal

Above is audio of Christophoros Pissarides, Nobel prize-winning economist and head of Cyprus’ Economic Policy Council, speaking yesterday on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the Troika’s ‘rescue’ package for Cyprus. Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP and currently adviser to EC president Herman Van Rompuy, is the other speaker. The professor can barely contain his contempt and outrage at the decision reached on Cyprus.

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Anonymous said...

Never followed Cypurs politics before but remember a post about anastasiades. The guy from what I understand proved to be a traitor during the Annan plan and people were foolish enough to vote this guy in. This guy is a fake kosher conservative representing the establishemt, similar to the republicans and conservatives in the UK. I am right wing but I would have voted for the communist guy over this guy. Anyone who voted for the Annan plan is obviously a puppet. Now what he couldn't accomplish with that fake UN plan he accomplished by bankrupting cyprus. The future of the islan is grim and this man must be hung as a traitor.