Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Babiniotis: six weeks to save the world

Below is an interview with Greece’s newly appointed education minister, Georgios Babiniotis, which appeared last month in Athens News. In the piece, Babiniotis says Greece’s problems are political not economic and that he wants an ‘uprising’ and a ‘spiritual reawakening’ to arrest the decades-long moral and social decline that is behind Greece’s current predicament and which he also attributes to the ideological domination of left-wing intellectuals. Nice words, and true words; but the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Good luck putting it back in, especially since you’ve only got six weeks to do it, before elections and a new government.

Wanted: A Greek Enlightenment
A new Greek enlightenment is Yiorgos Babiniotis’ answer to the economic, political, social and moral crisis that is bedevilling the country.

‘The greatest problem Greece faces today is politics and its citizenry,’ he told the Athens News.

The well-known professor of linguistics and author of popular Greek dictionaries is convinced that the decline in education and culture is the root cause of the current crisis and that transcending it is the first step to national recovery.

Babiniotis and physics professor Dimitris Nanopoulos, a member of the Academy of Athens, unveiled the proposal for a modern Greek enlightenment during their public dialogue in December at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. They saw it as an antidote to the spiritual, moral and social decline that is widely viewed as the root cause of the economic crisis.

‘We need an uprising with a spiritual awakening, with thinking people who will change our way of thinking and change education,’ Babiniotis argues.

He views the recent proposals for an overhaul of secondary education as a key step in training people to become thinking citizens that can begin to reverse decades of decline.

‘If we do not attain this educational awakening, and we rely only on loans and managing the situation, things will only get worse.’

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