Friday, 13 January 2012

Anastasiades: Israel plans new relationship with Cyprus, Greece

As I mentioned in my last post, Nikos Anastasiades, head of centre-right DISY, Cyprus’ largest political party, and favourite for next year’s presidential elections on the island, was in Israel these last few days, for meetings with that country’s senior political leadership.

Evaluating his visit this morning on Cyprus radio, and as reported by the Cyprus edition of Kathimerini, Anastasiades had the following to say:

Israel is studying all aspects of its relations with Cyprus and will shortly make firm proposals on the mutual management of the natural gas deposits that have been discovered in the Exclusive Economic Zones of the two countries. The proposal, Anastasiades said, will extend to Greece.

Anastasiades added that the proposals under discussion will lead to a new relationship between Israel, Cyprus and Greece, which will create new opportunities for all three countries.

The partnership that will develop between Cyprus and Israel in the exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits, according to Anastasiades, will lead to increased co-operation in other fields, such as research, commerce and tourism.


Hermes said...

The Single Defence Doctrine and the Greece (Cyprus)-Israel Axis:

John Akritas said...

I agree with Theocharous that there if Greece and Cyprus play their cards right, there is an opportunity to assert the interests of Hellenism in the Eastern Mediterranean. Constraints are Greece's social and economic collapse and Cyprus' appalling leadership. Theocharous is, by the way, an MEP with Anastasiades' DISY, so her thinking is DISY thinking and I do expect, next year, Anastasiades to become president, not that this is such a good thing, since he was in favour of the Annan plan.