Thursday, 10 November 2011

Europe delighted by new Greek government

European leaders reacted positively last night to the news  that Greece had abandoned plans for a referendum and had instead appointed a government of national unity headed by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy.

One EU official said, ‘Thank goodness they have seen sense and given up on the referendum idea. It would have come to a pretty pass if a government had been reduced to asking its people for their opinion on their future.’

Said another top Eurocrat, ‘Greece is meant to be the cradle of democracy. What on earth did it think it was doing being democratic?

‘This is typical of the Greeks – they have a long and unfortunate history of this sort of behaviour dating right back to the 5th Century BC.’

‘Model democracies like Britain,’ said the head of unelected European Commission, Mr Van Rumpy-Pumpy, ‘do not waste time with tiresome referenda which undermine the entire democratic fabric of er…’

He continued, ‘If Greece had got its way, this terrible democratic idea could have spread throughout the Eurozone and the notion of public involvement in important decisions could have bought civilisation as we know it to an end.’

All European experts were agreed that Greece would do much better to do what they were told by the EU.

(From UK satirical magazine, Private Eye)


Hermes said...

I cannot help but laugh at the foreign press and some so called lovers of democracy who sympathise with Giorgaki. The clown George Papandreou did not announce a referendum because he all of a sudden wanted to consult the Greek people (if he was serious about such things he would have consulted the Greek people about the change in Greek citizenship law), he called a referendum to save his and his family's skin. The only thing that motivated him was his own political survival, and he rolled the dice betting the future of Greece, to do this.

Frankly, he should be in docks now and be put up for high treason.

John Akritas said...

What you say is true, H. Foreigners just project their own preoccupations unto Greece. Thus, underlying this piece is a British right-wing obsession with having a referendum on British membership of the EU – which was recently denied by a political class stitch up in the House of Commons. Still, the first paragraph about a Greek national unity government headed by Merkel and Sarkozy made me laugh.

Also, apropos nothing, the editor of Private Eye is Ian Hislop, and his wife Victoria Hislop wrote a best-selling Captain Corelli-type novel regarding Spinalonga, called The Island, which Mega turned into a TV series.

Hermes said...

I also forgot to mention another Papandreou betrayal, his fanatical support of the Annan Plan, which would have resulted in the total subjugation of Cypriot Hellenism to the Turkish sword. Sure, much of the corrupt and tired Greek political class supported this montrosity but Papandreou was in a class of his own.

Hermes said...

Another truly hilarious article on the clown, Papandreou. The opening paragraph on Eco development is a classic. Even more hilarious is that a significant proportion of the Greek people supported him. God save us!

Hermes said...

Evangelos Venizelos before he became Economic Minister!!

John Akritas said...

That's hilarious!