Friday, 28 October 2011

Hitler, don’t dare boast that you conquered Crete

Χίτλερ, να μην το καυχηθείς πως πάτησες την Κρήτη,
ξαρμάτωτη την ηύρηκες κ' έλειπαν τα παιδιά τη
στα ξένα πολεμούσανε, πάνω στην Αλβανία,
μα πάλι πολεμήσανε.

Hitler, don’t dare boast that you conquered Crete
you found her unarmed and its lads were away
fighting in foreign lands, high up in Albania
but they still fought.

The artists in the above video are Vasilis Skoulas, Manos Mountakis and Maria Soultatou. Below is an older version of the song, sung by Giorgis Koutsourelis.


Hermes said...

Although this is a tremendous song, there is one glaring error. The Greek army (which included Cretan regiments) were not fighting in so called foreign lands, but they were fighting in northern Epirus, which was and still is, populated by Hellenic people.

John Akritas said...

If I understand the Cretan mentality, H, and if it's anything like the Cypriot mentality, which I think it is, then foreign lands means anywhere outside of Crete, including other parts of Greece. And this would be particularly true of Cretan thinking 70 years ago.

John Akritas said...

And if I'm wrong about the Cretan mentality, then maybe a better translation of ξένα in this instance would be 'unfamiliar' rather than 'foreign'.

Hermes said...

In the Greek language, xenos does not necessarily mean non-Greek. It can mean someone from a place that is, as you mean, not from a place from where the subject is. A more definitive definition of a non-Greek is not xenos, but barbaros. If the lyrics of the above song said barbarian lands then you would be wrong. However, I think you are right.