Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cyprus celebrates Ochi Day, but without Christofias… thankfully

As the video from last night’s RIK news shows, things were a little calmer at the Ochi Day parades in Cyprus compared to the disruptions and cancellations that marred events in the rest of Greece.

Obviously, Cyprus isn’t experiencing Greece’s political, economic and social meltdown and doesn’t have the Syriza or trade union cancer to contend with; though, there is an unusual and widespread degree of contempt and disgust felt towards President Demetris Christofias, following his cowardly refusal to accept responsibility for the Mari disaster and resign.

Christofias has in the last few weeks emerged from his bunker to attend well-orchestrated events organised by his party, communist AKEL, but he was off the island yesterday – on his way to New York for some nonsense meeting at the UN with the Turkish Cypriot leadership – so we don’t know what kind of reception he would have got from people if he had attended the 28 October celebrations.

And if you want an idea of what a ridiculous and dangerous government Christofias is now leading, then mark the words in the video of Giorgos Demosthenous, Cyprus’ so-called minister of education, who talks about creating schools that promote ‘democracy’ and ‘social justice’.

Since when have schools been tasked to teach the virtues of ‘democracy’ and ‘social justice’? Neither of these concepts are givens in society, both are political constructs and will have different meanings to different people. Indeed, one can only imagine what they mean to a communist apparatchik like Demosthenous. Fortunately, Cyprus only has 16 more months to go before it can replace the despicable Christofias and his wretched government. Cyprus couldn’t endure any longer.