Saturday, 16 July 2011

New low for Greek TV

The Cyprus Action Network of America has been in the forefront of a campaign against one of Greece's main private TV stations, ANT1, for its showing of the Turkish soap Ezel, which is set in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, in Kyrenia to be exact.

You should visit the CANA site to find out who to phone and write to in Greece to protest ANT1’s shameless promotion of the Turkish occupation of Cyprus and its impudent dismissal of complaints from Cypriot refugee associations, Cypriot students and other supporters of Cypriot Hellenism’s fight against Turkish fascism. It really does beggar belief that such a prominent Greek TV station could stoop so low, to be so lacking in national solidarity and national dignity; and it is just as shocking that it has been left to Cypriots and diaspora activists to expose ANT1’s outrageous behaviour and that media in Greece appear indifferent to the issue.

Photo from Greek National Pride.

Also, is an English-language website dedicated to news about Greek-related defence and geopolitical issues, which is worth a look.


Hermes said...

This issue, where private financial interests take precedence over national interests, is indicative of the corruption of certain elements of modern Hellenism. Well done to CANA.

Here are some more interesting English language Greek blogs, one on politics by a Cypriot and another on economics.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Please tell me you’re joking?

Anonymous said...

to be fair its based in Istanbul the 1st episode is in North Cyprus

John Akritas said...

To be fair, I don't know why a Greek TV station is showing a Turkish soap in the first place, based in Constantinopolis or elsewhere, and even if the soap promotes for one millisecond the Turkish occupation of Cyprus – in this case, according to CANA, through scenes set in hotels and casinos in Kyrenia and Vokolida – then it is shameful and, quite frankly, disgusting. No such place as North Cyprus, by the way, so comments containing this phrase will be deleted, and I'm not that happy about the term 'Istanbul' either, even if Runciman says it's a corruption of Eis tin Poli, i.e. To the City.

lastgreek said...

Modern Hellenism:

No accountability

No public service

Just self service.