Sunday, 3 July 2011

Klitschko makes mincemeat of pseudo-state apologist

Good to see the obnoxious David Haye get soundly thrashed by Vladimir Klitschko in the heavyweight unification fight in Hamburg last night. The Ukrainian won virtually every round, Haye hardly landed a punch and in the end blamed a bad toe for his lacklustre performance. South Londoner Haye – whose trainer Adam Booth is some sort of Turkish Cypriot – has built a home and gym on usurped Greek land in Kyrenia and Kazaphani and has spent his time in the sporting limelight promoting the Turkish occupation regime in Cyprus, which has rewarded Haye with its phony, worthless ‘citizenship’. Indeed, as well as the UK and Jamaican flags on his shorts, Haye also displays the flag of the pseudo-state – see photo above. So, the opprobrium heaped on Haye for his cheap efforts to hype the fight and his humiliation last night at the hands of Klitschko provides some sort of satisfaction for Greek Cypriots – at least, to this one.


Anonymous said...

Watched the fight online. What a one sided fight. Haye has a big mouth and thats it. Watched it to see him pummelled. I hate him mostly for supporting fake state of northern cyprus but also hate his attitude.

I notice that the PC left and neo con fake right are on the same side when it comes to cyprus. But what gets me is if the PC left is so concerned about human rights why don't they apply to cyprus.

anyways that is a discussion for another time just happy to see an enemy of our people go down so easily.


John Akritas said...

The neo con right, Ted, has been making anti-Turk noises since the Turks fell out with the Israelis – but that's all quite superficial; whereas the left would support us if we were black or Muslim but since we are neither then they are suspicious of us and put down any anti-Turkish rhetoric to Islamophobia, racism, etc.

As for Haye, he was a fraud from the start.

John Akritas said...

Also, my hopes that Haye would lose were boosted when I noticed one of the judges was a Stanley Christodoulou – a South African Greek.

Anonymous said...

After years of dragging Kiltschko’s name through the dirt, Haye fought like a complete and utter chump, devoid of any heart or courage. It was beautiful to watch! Klitschko remained a class-act throughout the build-up and took the tourko to school during the fight, reducing that vile, gang-rape-joke-making Haye to falling over himself like some drunkard when attempting to land one of his amateurish closed-eyed right-hands in desperation.
But, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, that appalling character Haye decides to blame everything on his little toe! It doesn’t get any better than that! It is in fact a fitting end to the fraud.

(To think boxers have fought on with incredible bravery with shoulders displaced, mandibles hanging-off, eye-sockets crushed etc... I honestly can’t think of a way of exposing yourself to the maximum as Haye did by crying about his toe—and it wasn’t even his big toe, it was his little toe!)

Hermes said...

Apologies, a bit off topic. Below is a link to a book review of the writings on the decay of Greek society of the greatest modern Greek thinker, Panagiotis Kondylis. Strongly recommended. It is almost creepy how he foresaw almost everything that is now unfolding in our fatherland. He is also one of the few thinkers to actually consider the position of Greece in the developing Planetary Politics.

Hermes said...

Παρακάτω είναι μερικά σχόλια Panagiotis Kondylis.

lastgreek said...

Too bad that fat, ugly fuck of a Greek finance minister, Venizelos, WON'T do a "Klitschko" on the euro bankers.


The Greek indigents huffed and puffed, broke a couple of marble plates from Syntagma square, striked for a few days (or is that stroke?), and achieved nothing. In the meantime, their government just sold off the country to European banking interests. But don't take our word for it. Take the word (on those very rare occasions when it is actually telling the truth) of Eurogroup chairman Jean-Claude Juncker who just told Focus magazine that "The sovereignty of Greece will be massively limited."

An honest banker? Wow! I never could have imagined it.

Over here, in the new world, the bankers are settling their massive securities fraud cases ... paying pennies on the dollar ... and no prison time.

Hermes said...

More on the sporting theme, this is an interesting story. The Greek and Cypriot teams refused to attend the opening ceremony because of FYROM machinations. What is encouraging is that we had the balls to refuse attendance and also the Cypriot team was involved. Hellenism standing side by side.

Anonymous said...

All what the kaffir did was run and run away, jump out of harms way. It was a conned pseudo fight, a circus sideshow; a mammoth yawn. It was not a missmatch, it was not a match at all. Waste of precious and valuable time.

lastgreek said...

What is encouraging is that we had the balls to refuse attendance ...

What is discouraging is that --and this is where it really counts, boys -- not only do Greek sport teams visit the occupation state of Turkey, but that the Greek government and Greek corporations have diplomatic and business ties, respectively, with the same occupation state.

What happened to Greek balls here, Hermes, did they suddenly shrink down to peanut size?

Greek balls, no. Greek titties, yes.

Dummies don't even have the testicular fortitude to tell the banksters to take a hike.

lastgreek said...

So ... Coulson has decided -- so far -- to fall on his sword. How chivalrous of the slimeball.

Cameron better hope that Coulson doesn't face any hard prison time, otherwise, he might have his very own Watergate scandal on his hands.

Considering the money that the NOTW was pulling in, Scotland Yard was bought on the cheap. Stupid cops -- no sense of proportion.

Anonymous said...

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