Monday, 18 April 2011

Papazoglou and Rasoulis: songs for Hades

It seems appropriate to make available in Radio Akritas some songs from Manolis Rasoulis and Nikos Papazoglou, who have both recently died. I’ve uploaded nine songs from their most famous collaborations, Τα δήθεν and Η εκδίκηση της γυφτιάς, on which Rasoulis was the lyricist, Papazoglou (along with Dimitris Kontoyiannis and Sophia Diamanti) a vocalist and Nikos Xydakis, the composer. Listening to these albums and songs again, it’s striking how dark some of the Cretan Rasoulis’ lyrics are. Take for instance, Από περιέργεια υπάρχω/I exist out of curiosity, the lyrics to which go something like this (my translation, which may be wrong in places): 

I exist out of curiosity
A porter’s life
whatever I find I drag around
I sing while I work
and the purpose fatal. 

I don’t want pay
not even pocket money
I exist out of curiosity
and stupidity.

Without end and until the end
I’ll take a slow walk
And if it leads me to Hades
it’ll find me willing and prepared

Από περιέργεια υπάρχω
Τη ζωή σαν αχθοφόρος
όπου βρω την κουβαλάω,
στο αγώι τραγουδάω
κι ο σκοπός θανατηφόρος.

Μεροκάματο δε θέλω
ούτε και για χαρτζιλίκι
από περιέργεια υπάρχω
και από καραγκιοζιλίκι.

Δίχως τέλος κι ως το τέλος
θέλω να την σεργιανάω
κι αν στον Άδη πει να πάω,
σύμφωνος κι ετοιμασμένος.

The songs in Radio Akritas are:
1. Του Χάρου το παράπονου
2. Δευτέρα ξημερώματα 
3. Απο τη γυναίκα για τη γυναίκα
4. Οι μάγκες δεν υπάρχουν πιά
5. Τρελή κι αδέσποτη
6. Σαν μιά ταινία
7. Μη μ' αποκαλείς τεμπέλη
8. Κάνε πως μ'αγαπάς
9. Από περιέργεια υπάρχω


ο ύποπτος said...

Thanks for the songs.
On the translation notice the comma in the first stanza, second line (even without the comma the meaning in Greek is the same) emphasizing that the porter is carrying life around. Actually the whole song is about life:
"Τη ζωή σαν αχθοφόρος
όπου βρω την κουβαλάω,"
"Δίχως τέλος κι ως το τέλος
θέλω να την σεργιανάω"

Also αγώι = on the way (αγώγι

I am no translator or poet but I suggest the following improvements:

Like a porter
wherever I find, life I carry
singing on the way
and fatal is the purpose


Without end and until the end
I'll walk her round
and if she to Hade leads me
ready and agreeable I'll be

John Akritas said...

Thanks, U. I struggled on this one, particularly the first verse, and couldn't find a translation of αγώι, a word I'm unfamiliar with, so took a guess, suspecting something to do with αγώνας (i.e. struggle/efforts). A dark song all the same, which probably reflects Rasoulis' Cretan roots; the Cretans having quite a bit of darkness in their songs and culture.

Hermes said...

Two absoloutely classic albums.

Here are some images from Papazoglou's funeral in Toumba, Thessaloniki where he was borned and raised: