Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nikos Papazoglou has died

Terrible news about the singer/songwriter Nikos Papazoglou, who has died of cancer aged 63, especially coming so soon after the death of his collaborator Manolis Rasoulis. Greek popular music for the last 20-30 years has become awful, reflecting the general decline in Greek cultural output; but Papazoglou (and Rasoulis) remained beacons of quality, building on the lyrical traditions of rembetika. I once attended a Papazoglou concert at Lykavittos in Athens. The audience mostly consisted of young women, who went wild with the music, many rushing the stage, on which they danced in some sort of ecstatic frenzy. Very entertaining. A memorable evening.

*Also, go here for more on Papazoglou and Rasoulis, including details of nine songs from Τα δήθεν and Η εκδίκηση της γυφτιάς, uploaded in Radio Akritas in right sidebar.


Hermes said...

Very sad news. He not only sung on some great albums but he also helped to foster a very interesting clutch of artists including Melina Kana and Socrates Malamas. Both of these artists are some of the last ones holding the flame of the Greek song. Unfortunately, I never saw Papazoglou live.

Anonymous said...

Two titans of Greek song have left us. Unforgettable individuals; may they have worthy successors and their heritage endure for ever.