Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Greek Myths: Tales of Travelling Heroes

After all those degrading and dispiriting stories from the Jewish bible Francesca Stavrakopoulou subjected us to, it was a real relief and pleasure to watch another BBC documentary, Greek Myths: Tales of Travelling Heroes, presented by the classicist Robin Lane Fox, based on his book Travelling Heroes: Greeks and Their Myths in the Epic Age of Homer. In the film (above), Lane Fox explores his theory that Greek mythology and Western culture begins with the journeys of Greeks from Evia to the Near East, Cyprus, Crete, Sicily and Italy where they traded and settled and came into contact with beguiling landscapes and exhilarating stories that helped them explain the origins of the Greek gods and advance Greek civilisation.

*For a full review and discussion of Tales of Travelling Heroes: Greeks and their Myths in the Epic Age of Homer, read this post, where the documentary may also still be available.