Monday, 20 December 2010

Turkey’s real European intentions

The EU Commission released last week its annual report on Turkey’s accession to the union and essentially declared that there has been no progress, i.e. no new chapters have been opened and Turkey continues to refuse to ratify and implement the Ankara Protocol regarding the access of Cypriot traffic to Turkish ports and airspace.

Interestingly, Turkey, through its own negligence or reluctance, even failed to open chapters that aren’t blocked by Cyprus and France – on trade unions, competition and on government procurement and state aid.

What all this reveals is that Turkey is not that interested in joining the EU. Its European agenda is different, which is to use its accession process to gain a voice and expand Turkish influence on the continent without Turkey having to make any of the difficult reforms and sacrifices EU membership demands.

Thus, regarding Cyprus, Turkey is trying to blackmail the EU into acquiescing to Turkey’s plans for Cyprus by insisting it will only open its ports to Cyprus if the EU grants direct trade with the pseudo-state in the north of the island, i.e. for essentially nothing in return, Turkey is pressing the EU to satisfy its 60-year-old goal of partitioning Cyprus.

It’s also clear that Turkey is now using Turkish immigrant populations in the EU to act as Trojan horses to advance Turkey’s interests in Europe. Ethnic Turkish politicians in Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden and in Brussels are increasingly exploiting Europe’s descent into multiculturalism to argue on behalf of Turkey and frame all resistance to Turkey and Turkish policies in terms of racism and Islamophobia.

Turkey’s ultimate goal is to shape Europe’s future by establishing itself as defender of the interests of all Muslims in Europe and as such it is no surprise that Turkey continues to facilitate and promote the flow of Muslim immigration to Europe, from the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Turkey has the Gulen Movement under exiled Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen who has put Turkish school around the world including America.
In America they are Charter Schools 140+ under names of Harmony Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Sonoran Science Academy, Magnolia Science Academy and more.
A complete list of these American Schools can be found at:
There are about 400 Turkish schools throughout Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and more. The jihad is coming through education and cultural indoctrination. Be afraid, be very afraid of the Turk who comes baring a gift.

John Akritas said...

You're right, Anon, to draw attention to Gulen. Question is why hasn't anyone in Europe noticed what the Turks are up to? It's not like they're being discreet about it all.