Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fight the power, and the Turks

It’s very difficult observing the train crash wreckage which is Greece at the moment. What pushed me over the edge was a main bulletin of MEGA news a couple of weeks ago which started with a 20 minute report on the opening by Marianna Vardinogiannis of a children’s cancer hospital in Athens. Apparently, the botoxified wife of one of Greece’s most prominent tycoons raised the money for the hospital herself and because her husband also happens to own MEGA TV, the station’s news felt obliged to run a sycophantic item portraying the inauguration – to which all of Greece’s elite turned out – as a major event in Greek life and Mrs Vardinoyiannis as a living saint and miracle worker healing the country’s stricken children.

The whole episode was an extraordinary demonstration of who has power in Greece and how they use it. Watching it aroused not only my disgust and incredulity, but made me realise just how backward Greece is. No other country in the advanced world would allow a private citizen, however rich, to use a major television station to promote the activities of his family. Clearly, Greece doesn’t need reform, it needs a revolution, to sweep away the Vardinoyiannis’ and the other mafia families that run Greece.

* Also, Greek and Turkish newspapers have been reporting the last few days that Greece and Turkey are close to agreeing a deal that would partition the Aegean 80-20 between the two countries. If Papandreou wants to go down this path, let him take it from me, a Cypriot, who knows the Turk better than he does, that you give a Turk an inch and the next thing he’ll want is a mile, i.e. you give the Turk 20 percent of the Aegean and it won’t be long before he’s asking for 30 percent, then 40 percent and, finally, all of it. If you think this is an exaggeration or nationalist paranoia, then I’m sorry, you’re an idiot.


Hermes said...

John, I am not sure why you are wasting your time watching MEGA. Regardless, you are quite right about Vardinyiannis and his cohort. It pains me to say this, but we never stop boasting we are the originaters of democracy, but we have no idea how to operate a democratic system. On the one hand we have oligarchs like Vardinoyiannis and on the other hand we have stupid students and other loafers burning cards.

Papandreou is an extremely dangerous person. He will sink Greece.

lastgreek said...

What exactly is there to partition in the Aegean sea? Has not boy George read up on international law, more specifically, the Law of the Sea treaty?

Now you know how I felt when I visited Greece this past summer, J---fools abound in that silly country!

lastgreek said...

Excuse me for coming back to this, but what makes boy George think the Turks would honour any future treaty with Greece when the bloody Turks don't give a rat's ass for international law to begin with?

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

You'll find plenty of on-line Greek channels etc..

Papandreou and his PASOKAstan buddies believe that if we appease the turkofascists we will have peace.
WRONG! The turks have never sought peace but use continuous pressure for more and are willing to wait or find means to accelerate their end goal. Remember the fall of Constantinople and how persistent they were in their ways to conquer.
There should be no negotiations on the Aegean. What is ours is ours. No need to share. The International rules pertaining borders, mineral rights etc are pretty clear.
The turks strategy of dumping illegal immigrants on Greek and Cypriot soil is well documented and will not change. The turks know this going to be a war won not by bullets but by sending these illegal immigrants. Not only has this worked the PASOKastan and NewDagastan parties are letting it happen with their open door policy at the borders. Time to put the land mines back in Evros (what a stupid treaty that Greece signed on to remove mines from areas that are no-go for everyone; the problem of landmines were from the wars in Vietnam, Afghan where they were dropped by planes indiscriminately...not even the guys who dropped the landmines knew exactly where); start executing human traffickers on sight; select an uninhabited island in the Aegean and house the illegal immigrants for processing and if these people don't provide info on where they originated then imprison them for 10 years on the island....any complaints from the UN or other useless organizations...then tell them come and get these illegal immigrants and house them at the UN building in NY....Greece is not looking to be colonized by the islamic hordes, or asians or african...We need to protect the indigenous ethnic Greeks from ethnic and cultural oblivion. Colonization has never worked for the indigenous people.
George should spend more time going after tax cheats and infact he should just shut up totally....whenever he opens his mouth about possible elections or says something to scare the people to do what he wants the cost of borrowing goes through the roof for Greece...
Is he that stupid to keep on talking....

Sorry about the quick outbursts...but I am really fed up with the scum that runs Greece.

lastgreek said...

[Off topic]

Does anyone here enjoy reading Taki Theodoracopoulos's writings? I do. He is the only reason I bother picking up a copy of The Spectator. (Oh yes--Theodore Dalrymple, too ... lol)

Anyway, here's an entertaining excerpt from an article Taki wrote this past summer in his online mag

Homer makes Shakespeare and Goethe look like soap opera hacks, although I must admit more soap operas have been inspired by Mr H than the Englishman and the German. Greece has always been a place for the real and the imaginary, “Istoria kai mythologia,” as they say in Greek. The Greeks invented politics as we know them, and are among the most political people in the world. The trouble is no Greek ever suffers from self-doubt, and no Greek will ever admit to be wrong, which makes it very hard to run a country. The only time a Greek city-state ran like clockwork was 400 years before the birth of Christ. Ultimate authority was given to an assembly of Athenian citizens chosen at random, which 2500 years later confirmed Bill Buckley’s conjecture that New York would be better run by taking names out of the telephone book at random, than the frauds that were elected by the know nothing masses. It was an extraordinary experiment which worked perfectly until certain Athenians got too big for their boots—like today’s neo-cons—and took Athens down Swanee for good. (

Shakespeare and Goethe opera hacks? Priceless! The man knows how to put barbarians in their place.

John Akritas said...

I don't know about this, LG. Taki strikes me as a bum – to use an American phrase – or a ponce – to use an English one. He is, in fact, one of these good-for-nothings from the Greek elite – like the Vardinoyiannis' – who we could do without.

lastgreek said...

I like him because he writes freely, not giving a care to what his editors think. That is s very rare thing to do in the English mainstream press today when all writing has to go through a "Zionist flter." (Actually, The Spectator has now forbidden him to write about Israel.) In the English-speaking world, any journalist, writer, politician, or academic daring to criticize the shitty state of Israel--even the slightest whiff of critic--will soon be finding himself in the ranks of the unemployed.

Hermes said...

Taki is sometimes entertaining and his honesty is refreshing. Let's face there is very little honesty in the English speaking media.

Also, Taki is half Zakynthian, from a previously noble family. As we all know, Zakynthians were responsible, along with Kerkyrians and some of the Diaspora in Vienna, Paris and Italy, for saving the Greeks from Eastern Turkish-Persian-Arabian (Magian) obscurantism.

However, like John says, Taki is a bit of a twat and does not understand Greek history nor contemporary Greece.

Hermes said...

LG, Sarris is a million times more interesting than Taki: