Friday, 24 September 2010

Syria uses Fyrom to get back at Greece over Israel ties

Below is a report from AFP, which reveals that the Syrian Arab Republic has recognised Fyrom as ‘Macedonia’. Clearly, this is some sort of retaliation for the developing relationship between Greece and Israel. Greece has been close to Syria, where there is a large Greek Orthodox community, which sees itself as part of the Byzantine ecumenae; but, it seems, times are changing.

SKOPJE — Syria has become the 129th country to recognise ‘Macedonia’ under its constitutional name ‘Republic of Macedonia’ despite the long-running name dispute with Greece, the two countries said Friday.

According to a joint statement [Fyrom] Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki and his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem said they had established diplomatic ties to open “more opportunities for bilateral cooperation”.

The agreement was signed in New York where both ministers were attending the United Nations General Assembly.

Syria is now the 129th state to recognize [Fyrom] under its constitutional name despite Greek opposition since [Fyrom] declared independence in 1991.

Greece fears that the name ‘Macedonia’ implies territorial pretensions towards its northern province of the same name. It has managed to successfully block [Fyrom’s] integration into the European Union and NATO.

[Fyrom] president Gjorge Ivanov also met Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on the sidelines of the UN meeting.

The rare meeting between the two leaders was aimed at establishing trust between the two countries, but they did not directly discuss their dispute,  [Fyrom] media reported.


Anonymous said...

The skopjian tactic seems to be working getting all the "so-called" friends/allies of Greece to recognize them.
since when these arab inbred idiots were our friends. Seems syria opened the door for a large number of "Greeks" who had converted to islamofacism and fought against Greeks during the War of Independence. Gave these folks a safe haven after they were expelled.
We have to distinguish from Greek Orthodox Community and Orthodox Christian Community. This so-called Greek Orthodox Community are in fact arabs not Greeks. If there a few Greeks they probably don't number more than 100.
Time to shut the door on new business initiatives with syria. In fact Greece should proclaim support for anything that will destabilize syria.
arabs only understand when it hits them smack in the head otherwise they think your weak.
George Papandreou should wake up now and just tell the whole world that FYROM will never ever join NATO, EU or any other organization as Macedonia or any derivative. Fyrom had its chance to negotiate in good faith and it has made all the politicians in Greece look like village idiots (most cases they are the village idiot).

Anonymous said...

George Papandreu can not wake up, will not wake up. George Papandreu is a Xenocrat, a marionete installed at the behest of the internationalis mafia squirming in Brussels. Papandreu is a stooge of the internationalists. Mention the word National to Papandreu and the man has suffers a paroxysm. The dog Papandreu is an excellently trained puppet. Just like the mules of Santorini doing the daily climb to Thira; well trained mules, they only follow the same trodden path, they never deviate, they can not think. they know where their shore parking bays are, and they know where the terma stations are at Thira. That is what Papandreu and his gangsters are. Xenocrats, kleptocrats.The man is busy fragmenting Greece, carving it up; the sovereignty went long ago, now what remains is to demographically corrupt what remains of the nation and the piecemeal break up of Greece. Greece is under a government of foreign occupation.

Andy said...

"This so-called Greek Orthodox Community are in fact arabs not Greeks"

So-called Greek Orthodox? They are Greek Orthodox. Syrian Christians are called Arabs because they speak Arabic, but ethnically speaking they are not Arabs. Many are descended from Greeks from the Byzantine times. Many Greek Orthodox Christians in Syria are just Arabized Greeks, not Arabs. They were conquered by the Arabs, and were forced to change their language to Arabic. There are a good large number of Greeks in Syria, not just around a hundred. We must end this misconception that Syrian Christians are Arabs, because they are not.