Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Christopher Hitchens: still arguing

Unfortunately, Christopher Hitchens is dying. He has cancer of the oesophagus that has spread and, consequently, a poor prognosis. Hitchens cut his teeth as a journalist back in the 1970s writing about Cyprus for the New Statesman and the New Left Review, and his book on the Turkish invasion of the island, Cyprus: Hostage to History, remains the best exposition of the US conspiracy to destroy the Republic of Cyprus and partition the island. Hitchens is also a self-declared philhellene and a campaigner for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece, especially in the book: The Elgin Marbles: should they be returned to Greece?

Anyway, I wanted to point to the good piece Hitchens has written in Vanity Fair on his illness, The Topic of Cancer, and draw attention to an interesting interview he has given to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, the first part of which is above. The other five parts of the interview, which are mainly about anti-Semitism, are here. Hitchens is a polemicist and stylist, not an academic or theorist, and the arguments he makes regarding the Jews, anti-Semitism and racism are often flawed, but his eloquence and seriousness shine through.

* For more on Hitchens and Cyprus, read this post.