Friday, 13 August 2010

Murder of Greek in Albania threatens ‘hate and conflict’

Greek media has been reporting this evening that a member of the Greek minority in Albania has been murdered by Albanian nationalists after an incident in the Northern Epirot town of Chimara. Reports said that Aristotelis Goumas was initially assaulted by three Albanians who objected to Goumas speaking Greek and that the Albanian thugs then later drove their car into the 35-year-old and repeatedly ran over him. 

Kathimerini reports that the Greeks of Chimara proceeded to close the road linking Ayioi Saranta and Avlona to protest the murder and called for measures to stop the activities of extreme Albanian nationalists in the region. 

The mayor of Chimara, Vasillis Bolano, said that the killing ‘was premeditated, since the perpetrators had been stalking the victim for days’, while Archbishop Anastassios of Albania said that ‘such unjustified, violent acts… threaten to destroy the climate of peaceful co-existence, which all wise citizens of Albania have fought for, and could trigger conflict and hate in the region’. 

Greece’s foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said that: ‘Unacceptable criminal acts like this will undermine relations between Greece and Albania and have the aim of stoking ethnic tensions with unpredictable consequences.’

Read the whole story in Greek here. Above is the story as reported on tonight’s Mega News.

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