Friday, 9 July 2010

Jennifer Lopez withdraws from occupied Cyprus gig

Well, well, well. I guess all us cynics who thought, 1. Jennifer Lopez would not be deterred from appearing at the Cratos Hotel in occupied Kyrenia because the $3m on offer would override the politics of the occupation of northern Cyprus; and that 2. grassroots campaigns are ineffective, now have to take it all back, because Lopez has just released on her website an Official Statement Regarding Cyprus Appearance, which says:

Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse. After a full review of the relevant circumstances in Cyprus, it was the decision of her advisors to withdraw from the appearance. This was a team decision that reflects our sensitivity to the political realities of the region.

Well done to the tireless and fearless Nikolaos Taneris of CANA (please join the mailing list) and the organisers of the Facebook campaign who identified the prospect of Lopez appearing in Kyrenia as a huge propaganda coup for the occupation regime and resolved to try and prevent it; which they did, and in the process – and this is important – generated significant publicity for the realities of Turkey’s presence in Cyprus and brought together many young Greeks from all over the world in a good cause.

And while it remains unclear exactly why Lopez has withdrawn – fear of controversy is the most likely explanation (though I also notice that Sophia Cotzia of PSEKA is suggesting that Lopez backed out after getting a call from a ‘friend on Capitol Hill’) – the fact of her withdrawal does put down a marker and perhaps suggests to all those Turk businessman who dream of turning occupied Cyprus into Las Vegas that their thievery and despicable plans will not be easily fulfilled.

I have to say those of us who live the occupation of our country on a daily basis and have done for 36 years can get extremely worked up when confronted by those who don’t take our anguish seriously and we want them to suffer as much as our families have suffered at the hands of the Turks so that they know what injustice feels like. It’s an unfortunate mentality to have, but one that is understandable. Anyway, personally, I don't know much about Jennifer Lopez – I don’t think I’ve ever heard one of her songs – other than she has a reputation for having a large behind; though I have seen her in a very good film with George Clooney, called Out of Sight, which is based on a novel by the superb American crime writer, Elmore Leonard.


Hermes said...

Congratulations to all and especially to CANA and Taneris. The most important benefit, is like you said, this raised awareness of the plight of Cyprus and brought many Greeks together.

I still refuse to give this stupid woman any compliments.

lastgreek said...

I still refuse to give this stupid woman any compliments.-

Any compliments? Not even for her lovely, elegant, rounded, curvacious, voluptuous behind?

You are too hard on the woman, Hermes.

Hermes said...

LG, I have never liked American ghetto trash. I make absoloutely no apologies for that. She belongs in some Honduran slum not in the Hellenic imaginary.

Regarding modern music give me Eleonora Zouganelli or Melina Aslanidou any day.

Hermes said...

John, important notice! Not sure if it was you I told once but the best doco on Vamvakaris I ever saw was I Like Hearts Like Mine (with English subtitles). I have just found it on youtube.

This might be old news but important for me. I saw this quite young and have been looking for it ever since.

Ginger said...

so much about whoever is dreaming about improvement in relationship between Greece/Cyprus and Turkey. If you take a glimpse of the verbal war taking place under the announcement in J.L.'s official site you will know what I mean. There is an absolutely strong hate that will never die. Imagine, they claim that Greek-Cypriots have bullied and killed Turk-Cypriots and that was supposedly the reason Turks invaded to save the lives of Turk-Cypriots. They also use the video clip of a supposedly Greek-Cypriot talking against the rights of Greek-Cypriots. What can I say!

lastgreek said...

H, J-Lo is Puerto Rican, not Honduran. Still, there was no need to bring up "Honduran slums." But since you did bring them up, I am sure that you know full well that the cause of poverty in Honduras (as well as in the rest of the Central American countries) is the result of decades of American political interference.

Also, whatever we may think of J-Lo's talents or buttocks ( which I like!), we must give her credit for eventually turning down the Mongol offer. The offer was reportedly for $3,000,000. Not a trifling sum of money if you were to ask me. Having said that, how many Greek bankers do you think would have, if they were in J-Lo's position, turned down such an offer--most, some, or nil? The answer, my friend, is . . . NIL.

Btw, H, regarding modern music, I like Prince. The album Purple Rain is an incredible musical creation.

John Akritas said...

Ginger: you are absolutely right. It is a lie – which Christofias and AKEL peddle – that the TCs are our 'brothers' and are itching to reconcile with us. The truth is that TCs have been brainwashed into believing that they were minding their own business when the fanatical Greeks set on them to kill them all so that we could achieve our evil plan of enosis. TC hatred raises a massive question: what if there is some form of reunification? For sure, this will not overcome Turkish murderous resentment and I predict trouble will quickly follow – with the Turkish side interpreting any new constitution in one, more federal, way and the Greek Cypriots interpreting it another, more unitary, way.

H. It is an excellent documentary – I have the biography on which it's based. What can anyone say about Vamvakaris' genius that hasn't been said before? A great lyric poet – a modern day Archilochus.

And, apparently, now that Lopez has withdrawn, the campaign moves on to Sean Paul, who is to booked to appear in Kyrenia on 7 August. Never heard of the guy, but I'll be writing to him about the occupation.

Hermes said...

Vamvakaris-Archilocus is a very apt comparison. He was a true genius - a complex man. And how annoying for the KKE crowd they could not pin down Vamvakaris to their silly little cause.

How important would it have been for independent voices over the last 30 years?

Rather than having talented people like Thanos Mikroutsikos manning the barricades at every opportunity crying revolution despite weighing over 120kg!!

lastgreek said...

And, apparently, now that Lopez has withdrawn, the campaign moves on to Sean Paul . . . Never heard of the guy . . .-

Coo yah! bredren.

I-mon naa like Sean Paul. Di mek mi vex, mon! Ca im a bait, bumboclot, bad bwoy dat Sean Paul, mon. I go slump fi 'im rass, mon.


Jah-Lord. I'm gaan, ca mi labba-labba.

PS: I never knew that the Mongol occupiers were into reggae, mon. ;-)

lastgreek said...

I just want to quickly mention, before the semifinal match starts any minute now, that I would not be at all surprised if the American-Zionist super lobby AIPAC had something to do with J-Lo's cancellation. What a better way to embarrass the Mongols--now that they're trying to play the holier-than-thou bullshit routine to the world--than to remind the world of the Mongols' (past and current) crimes in occupied northern Cyprus.

Dat mi think, mon.

lastgreek said...

[Off topic]

A few observations on the consolation game . . .

-- Diego Forlán was simply outstanding. The Argentians were fortunate to have faced the Mexicans rather than the Uruguayans; otherwise, Maradona and gang would have boarded a plane back to Argentina sooner.

-- Bastian Schweinsteiger, notwithstanding his giveaway which led to a Uruguay goal, is like a friggin' panzer.

-- Had Germany played Spain the way they played today . . .

-- I would have liked to have seen Klose play.

-- Did anyone notice? Germany had a darker complexion overall than Uruguay. Just saying :-)

As for tomorrow's final . . .

-- Paul the octopus has chosen Spain to win the Wc.

-- However, Manny the parakeet has chosen the Netherlands to win.

-- I think the smart money is with the cephalopod. I think it's too close to call.

And now for something completely hilarious . . .

A female Jewish student at George Washington University was just recently caught painting swastiskas on her own dormitory door and then claiming anti-semitic attack. Anyone here surprised? I didn't think so. The Zionists have tried these bullshit tactics on Greece not too long ago . . . claiming in a Wall Street Joural online article that an arson fire in some old Synagogue in Greece was due to an alarming rise of anti-semitism in Greece. Needless to say, the perpetratos were caught . . . they were not Greek!

Anyway, here's the youtube link for the swastiska girl news story. Enjoy the laugh.

PS: Damn I like youtube!

lastgreek said...

Oh darn. "Swastika," not "swastiska."

Hermes said...

LG, your French must be very good right? Just wondering, Helene Glykatzi (Sorbonne alumni) was in Greece recently giving her ideas on Byzantium. Much of her work is not available in English. Have you read her work in French? And is there any original research and findings which we in the English speaking work, with little access to her books in Greek as well, are missing out on?

lastgreek said...

H, no I haven't read any of Hélène Ahrweiler-Glykatzi's work in French. She is on Facebook, btw. If you wish to contact her, here is her Facebook page:

For the most recent scholarship in Byzantine studies published in English that I know of, check out the following textbooks if you haven't already:

-- The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c.500-1492; [Hardcover] 1128 pages; edited by Jonathan Shepard; Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (January 12, 2009)

-- A Companion to Byzantium [Hardcover] 488 pages; Edited by Liz James; Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (May 3, 2010)

-- A History of Byzantium [Paperback] Timothy E. Gregory; 480 pages; Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 2 edition (January 19, 2010)

I have also very much enjoyed Judith Herrin's Byzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire (Paperback - Sept. 8, 2009)

Now that you've mentioned Hélène Ahrweiler-Glykatzi, I am reminded of Arnold J. Toynbee's book The Greeks and Their Heritages (his last book, btw).

lastgreek said...

I see that the illegal, occupation entity is threatening to sue J-Lo for $40 million if she does not honour her contract. Really? I didn't know it was possible to legally enter into a contract with a criminal element like that of the illegal, occupation regime. All I can say is ... Good luck collecting, Mongols. The nerve of some criminals.