Wednesday, 28 July 2010

All of a sudden, Cyprus has ‘friends’

I’m reprinting below Melanie Phillips’ piece from the Spectator website regarding UK PM David Cameron’s fawning performance yesterday in Turkey, advocating that country’s EU membership. Phillips, who initially lambasted Cameron’s speech in this piece yesterday for its cynicism and failure to recognise Turkey’s alleged turn to Islamic fundamentalism, returns to the subject today to remind Cameron that ‘for the past 36 years Turkey has been illegally occupying part of Cyprus’.

Phillips is somewhat of a Zionist fanatic and perhaps the leading British advocate of the pro-Israel inspired Eurabia theory, i.e. that Europe is under threat demographically and culturally from Islamic immigration and appeasement of Islam generally. Phillips is the author of the best-selling Londonistan: how Britain is creating a terror state within.

Now, what interests me about Phillips’ piece is not its content – a standard critique of the Turkish occupation of Cyprus – nor do I have much time for Phillips as a journalist or public figure. However, firstly, it would have been unthinkable until very recently for such a piece to appear in the Spectator – a right-wing rag with close links to the Conservative Party; and, secondly, it is typical of articles about Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus written by pro-Israel advocates that are now regularly appearing in the UK, Israeli and US media. Of course, Israel and its defenders worldwide don’t care one iota about Cyprus and are just – post the Gaza flotilla incident – interested in bashing Turkey. I’m just making a note of this trend and welcoming the publicity for the Greek cause.

Poodle in a mirror?
Another crucial point about Turkey further underlines the sheer amoral perversity of David Cameron’s gushing endorsement of that country, analysed below. As Martin Packard, a former UN mediating officer in Cyprus points out in a letter to the Times (£) today, for the past 36 years Turkey has been illegally occupying part of Cyprus:

In advocating Turkish membership of the EU Mr Cameron should remember that Turkey is an invader and illegal occupier of Commonwealth and EU territory, in contravention of numerous UN and EU resolutions. The aim of bringing Turkey into the EU is a sensible and commendable one, but Mr Cameron might best advance Turkey’s cause by persuading it to withdraw its troops from Cyprus.

But all Cameron said about this in his speech was

...we want you to continue to work towards a solution in Cyprus

to help

...convince the doubters

that the case for Turkey's membership of the EU was


It’s also striking, isn’t it, how there are never any Unison or university boycotts of Turkey, or angry demonstrations outside Turkish airline offices, or denunciations of Turkey’s illegal occupation by NGOs or the UN.

For as Leo Rennert observes on American Thinker, noting an ad in the New York Times against the Turkish occupation:

In these 36 years, the ad asserts, Turkey ethnically cleansed from their homes 200,000 Greek Cypriots, killed 6,500 of them, deployed 43,000 occupation troops, brought in 160,000 Turks to cement its occupation, destroyed churches, synagogues and cemeteries, while it continued to oppress Kurds in Turkey.

The ad contrasts these horrors with a pro-Western, anti-terrorism record of the other half of the island where a Greek-Cypriot government recently confiscated Syrian arms destined for Hamas, refused use of Cyprus ports to the Turkish flotilla, while partnering with Greece to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, and worked closely with the U.S. on terrorism issues.

But now Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister has placed himself firmly on the side of the destroyers of human rights and against those who resist tyranny. Some have speculated that he has done so at the behest of Obama, who is keen (of course) for Turkey to join the EU. If so, it would add bitterly ironic reinforcement to the impression that Cameron is a mirror image of his role-model Tony Blair. Blair was styled ‘Bush’s poodle’ for yoking Britain to the White House in the defence of the west. Cameron may have volunteered to be Obama’s poodle, yoking Britain to the White House in the cause of surrendering the west.


lastgreek said...

First, let me just say that I'll take everything I can that will help Cyprus.

But a fair question to ask, J, is ... Where were these Zionists over the last 34 years?

I'll tell you. They've been riding "shotgun for Turkey, shielding Turkey's war crimes-- present and past (genocide, pogroms)--from any and all criticism. If only I had a dollar for every time a Zionist called Turkey "a beacon of democracy in the region".

34 years of illegal occupation and massive illegal colonization. Unless we're talking geologic time scales, that is a very long time.

I'd like to ask Melanie Phillips if she has any ideas as to how the legal Cypriot government (the only real democracy in the region) can remove not only the illegal occupation army but the illegal settlers as well.

Notice that there wasn't a single mention of the $125 million Israeli drone contract to Turkey, nor any mention of cancelling any and all future Israel-Turkey military co-operation, etc. As Phillips was giving that speech, there are now Turkish military officers in Israel training on how to use the Drone planes.

Oh, the chutzpah of these Zionists.

lastgreek said...

Correction: "36 years," not "34 years."

John Akritas said...

Of course, LG, I completely agree with you. The discovery of the Turkish occupation of Cyprus is entirely cynical. I just note two things: that they have discovered the occupation and, secondly, that Cypriots have been banging on for years about how we need an enlightenment campaign, get our case across more in the media and so on; and here we have the likes of Phillips and others of her ilk doing just that – without our asking – which possibly goes to prove your previous points about the strength of the Israeli lobby in the Anglo-Saxon press and so on. Trust me, as someone who has always closely followed reporting of Cyprus, I've never seen so many references to the Turkish invasion and occupation of the island in the media as I have over the last couple of months.

Hermes said...

It is sad we have to rely on such an unreliable group of people to get our point across. However, the real group of people at fault here are the Greeks. Where are all those "powerful" Greeks influencing public opinion and government policy through various instruments? Jamie Dimon and Pete Peterson probably do not know where Cyprus is on the map.