Wednesday, 2 June 2010

World Cup omens not good for Greece

Greece have just been beaten 2-0 by Paraguay in the last of their World Cup warm-up matches (see goals above). Greece were poor throughout and conceded two sloppy goals early on. As in the 2-2 draw with North Korea last week, Greece were shocking at the back and Paraguay could have scored at will. Offensively, Greece did create chances, but couldn't convert. Sotiris Ninis, who played right-wing, did well, but was substituted at half-time. I hope Rehhagel has the courage to play him in South Africa. In the three warm-up games Greece has played, they've lost 2-0 to Senegal and Paraguay and drawn 2-2 with North Korea. Senegal, Paraguay and North Korea are very ordinary teams. The matches were played to try and replicate the style Greece will face in its World Cup group, where they've been drawn against Nigeria, Argentina and South Korea, and unless the boys suddenly click I fear we're looking at three defeats for Greece.


Axileas said...

hey. im a greek living in Sweden and I stumbled upon your blog just yesterday. I've only read a few posts. so far a good read! I just have a few questions. I read about cyprus and its oil deals with egypt and lebanon. Are they in action now? is cyprus gaining oil? and is greece in anyway gaining anything from this deal?

John Akritas said...

Ax. What Cyprus has done with Egypt and Lebanon is agreed on their Exclusive Economic Zones, inside of which Cyprus has put out tenders with multinationals for hydrocarbon exploration surveys. As far as I'm aware these surveys are continuing. It's worth pointing out that Cyprus has gone ahead with the EEZs and the surveys despite Turkish objections and this was down to Tassos Papadopoulos refusing to be bullied by the Turks, while Greece has not dared to delineate its EEZs, not only with Egypt but with Cyprus too. In fact, now would be a good time for Greece to get a move on with the Egyptians given that the Egyptians are concerned about Turkish pretensions in the Middle East. If only Greece had a foreign policy and cared about such things.

Anonymous said...

We have a good team and a very good coach. However, just unlike our beloved hellada, the team and coach is fully aware of their capabilities , limitations, and potential performance. They are not living in a world of virtual reality like the malacquismenos papandreu and his brigands. The Greek team will be fortunate if they can pass the first round. Not because of our shortcomings, but rather on account of the prowess of the opponents. We can perform well against Corea and nogeria; against Argentina it seems a hard challenge. We have a fair chance of qualifying for the next round if we can get 4 points out of three matches. I'll be travelling to SA to cheer up our team and provide the little hearty support for our players. I am confident that the team will perform and acquit themselves of the challenges ahead of them . Even if we don't qualify for the next round, each team playing us will have to leave their guts to beat us. Otto will build a defensive phalanx which will test the rival's attacking formations. Our deepenst pain is that we lack an offensive forward line. The same thing happened in 2004 in the EU cup. Our defence proved to be stronger than the rock of gibraltar , our forward line lacked the necessary punch, but in the end we withered and worn out our opponents. Our aim is to advance to the next round within our potential ethnic capacity. Forget about " loan playrs from the IMF" , or making " paper Greeks" out of afro players polluting the playing fields of Greeks stadiums.