Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What if Turkey detaches itself from the West?

Let's make the assumption that this rift between Israel and Turkey is long-term and points to a significant realignment of partnerships and strategies in the eastern Mediterranean, in which Greece and Cyprus, without abandoning good relations with the Arabs, find common interest with the Jewish State, at least in their opposition to neo-Ottomanism.

Let's also recognise that such an assumption would mean that Turkey would find itself increasingly drawn to countries such as Iran and Syria – and away from the West – and that Turkish society and politics would become even more dominated by a virulent combination of radical Islam and ferocious nationalism. The dangers of having such a neighbour on Greece's doorstep are obvious; but no more dangerous than today – where Greece is, largely as a result of strategic ineptitude, isolated and deluding itself that there exists the possibility of Turkish-Greek 'friendship'.

For Cyprus, the emergence of a Turkey like the one I've described would mean that a 'solution' to the Cyprus problem would become impossible – Turkey has only considered doing a deal on the island because Cyprus is an obstacle to its goal of entering the EU – and the occupation of the northern part of the island would continue ad infinitum.

In such circumstances – with Turkey drifting away from Europe and no end in sight to the occupation – it could be argued that what Cyprus needs is a 'solution' as quickly as possible, before Turkey's new place in the world takes shape. The point being that since any 'solution' is bound to be unsatisfactory to Greek Cypriots and hence only interim, Greek Cypriots would at least, thereafter, be in a good position – unlike in the 1960s – to use the new strategic environment to reverse the 'solution' and pursue their goal of properly re-unifying and re-hellenising the island.


Anonymous said...

Turkey does belong, nor it is part of the "West". What is the West ? The thalasso Anglo american empire ? Mittel Europa ? Europa ? Turkey will insinuate herself upon the "West" as well as pursuing her pan turanic goals and ambitions. Turkey can not divest herself from the "West", nor the " West" can purge herself of Turkey unless there is grand scale of ethnic cleansing of Turks from within the heart of europe. Demographics holds the key and answer to political dynamics. Turkeys position and turks presence in Germany, holland, Sweden, Denmark is appallingly overwhelming. Turkeys presence and leverage in the blakans is patheticaly overwhelming. We have our wonderful government ministers, satraps of the turks, playing the neoottoman agenda. America's ploy is to inveigle turkey inside europe, to sow confussion, dissension, to break the biological cohesion of europeans, to pollute the european biological pool. Our Athens mayor Kakamanis has proclaimed that he intends turning Athens in one of the grand multicultural metropolises of the world. Kakamanis is a turkosporo, multicultural metropolis means a dark,multicult afro-asian muslim, nmn orthodox metropolis, not a Berlin-vienna European multicultural metropolis. Turkey is too strong, and there is no visible organized opposition rampart or wall to her political ambitions and designs. Turkey is like a tsunami breaching the european shores. Turkey is a partner in the alliance of civilizations, in patrnership with his other marrano,hebraic Zapatero, the Spanish consul of degeneracy. The decadent and effeminate arab governments are coming under the umbrella of turkey. The turko-iranian alliance is in the offing. Ankara-tehran axis can become a formidable obstacle against any outside influence. Greece is turkey"s nearest stepping ledge, and step on us they will if we do not react. Western Thrace is under cultrual threat to be submerged into a turkification process, in which the Greek government is activelly participating, not opposing it. We must forget about Cyprus, no one cares about Cyprus. If we Greeks did not care , when it mattered, there is absolutely nothing we can do now. Israeli influence and domination of the islands political affairs is omnipresent. Cyprus , at best will be bypassed by history, at worst it can become a bone of contention between turks and israelis. As for Cypriots themselves, it is up for them to decide. Turky needs to be taken seriously. when Erdogan swoops down on Athens with an entourage of 170 " businessmen", he means business, not tourism. The best we can offer against this neoottoman demon is our catamite prime minister, paliopustaras, and the gang of white wollywogs who prune up their asses to the Turks machinations. If and when we see Greeks adopting a militant stance against the perils engulfing us, then it is time to speak about dealing with the Turks. At the present the Turks are " dealing with us" .

Hermes said...

I think, like Anonymous states, that given a scenario where Turkey moves closer to Iran and Syria, Cyprus will simply be fought over by Turkey and Israel. Greece is probably too weak materially, and definitely spiritually, to defend Hellenism on Cyprus. Further, the Cypriots are probably too weak materially and spiritually to defend and renew Hellenism over the whole island.

However, all these scenarios assume that Turkey will become more powerful and relations with Syria and Iran will be smooth. Despite some interest in working together with Syria and Iran in order to quell Kurdistan, I seriously cannot see the Turks and Iranians working together in a meaningful way. Also, we forget that the AKP is a party. Although, it has done a reasonable job of gaining Gramscian hegemony in Turkey, and the Islamic tide is being somewhat adopted by the opposition, the AKP's position is not secure. If and when it loses power, this new found Turkish confidence might dissipate.

As for us, given all the possible tectonic changes in the region, there have been no initiatives by the Greek foreign ministry. None at all. As Ifestos and Yannaras said a few days ago on Anixneusis on ERT, the last 30 years of the destruction of Hellenism, has meant we are incapable of understanding the meaning, let alone formulating a response, to the changes in the region.

Hermes said...

A great interview of Psarantonis.


Very few artists thinks like him today.

John Akritas said...

Rather than a sign of its increasing power, Turkey getting closer to Iran and Syria, would be a catastrophic reverse for neo-Ottomanism, turning Turkey into an insular and outcast country. The Turks would be stupid to go down this path, but this is the logic of their confrontation with Israel. I should add that when I say Greek Cypriots will re-hellenise Cyprus, I don't mean they will do this by force of arms, but rather by stealth – by using their superior numbers, economic muscle and desire to return to places like Kyrenia, which will not be given back under any current circumstances.

Psarantonis is superb, as always.