Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Signs of things to come between Cyprus and Israel?

A couple of immediate advantages have accrued to Cyprus as a result of its refusal to facilitate the Free Gaza flotilla and the crisis in Israel-Turkey relations following the killings of Turkish jihadi invaders on the Blue Marmara.

Firstly, as Cypriot daily
Politis reports, Israeli tourists have been cancelling their trips to occupied Cyprus, while the planned ferry link between Haifa and occupied Famagusta, which would have brought thousands of Israeli tourists to northern Cyprus, looks as if it will not now go ahead.

Secondly, as this report
(taken from the Cypriot daily, Simerini) on the Greek National Pride blog states, Cyprus and Israel have now stepped up negotiations to conclude a deal on delineating sea borders and rights to hydrocarbon exploitation. Apparently, Israel has discovered vast quantities of natural gas in the waters between Israel and Cyprus and the need for an agreement is pressing, as is, following the breakdown in Turkish-Israeli relations, the will to achieve it.

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