Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Greece set to surrender Macedonia

The name for Fyromia that Kathimerini says Greece and the Skopjans are close to settling on is Republic of Vardar Macedonia or Republic of Macedonia (Vardar). Vardar being the Slav name for the Axios river that runs through northern Greece and the southern Balkans.

This is capitulation by Greece, but of a funny kind, since Greece has no pressing need to run up the white flag and still holds strong cards in its hand, notably the ability to block Fyromia's membership of Nato and the EU, both of which would bring stability to Fyrom and prevent the country falling prey to increased agitation from the Albanian minority, keen to be part of the Greater Albania project.

No. What Greece – and specifically prime minister George Papandreoou – is doing in this instance is revealing that it's tired of the issue and wants to solve it in any way it can, no matter that the name 'agreed' on not only hands the Skopjans part of Greek history and culture but also accepts the Skopjan nationalist narrative that Macedonia consists of three parts, Vardar, Pirin and Aegean Macedonia – Aegean Macedonia being 'Greek Macedonia' – waiting to be united.

The indifference, exhaustion and lack of vision that characterises Greece's attitude to Macedonia is the same that lost the country Cyprus and is losing it Thrace, and I suppose the best Greece can hope for now is that the Vardaskans will realise that, with the 'name issue' resolved, the real threat to their existence does not come from Greece but from Albania and from Turkish ambitions in the Balkans and that they will succumb to Greek influence – except that so much of the Vardaskan nationalist narrative is bound up with hostility not only to Greece, but to Bulgaria and Serbia; a narrative that they're unlikely to abandon any time soon.


Anonymous said...

The true nature of the Skopian mentality will be revealed.

They will want MORE.

As my cousin in patra says.... "Makethonia? Ela, parto... sas perimenoume"

As I have said many times.... the real battle over macedonia was won by us in 1912/13.

Everything since then has been just hot air.

Savvas Tzionis

John Akritas said...

We did win Macedonia in 1912-13, S., with blood and courage, and I hope this generation of politicians is not preparing to give it up now for the sake of a quiet life.

kirev said...

Do you really believe that we will want more?

We have 8.000 soldiers. You have 240.000. You have hundreds of planes, we have none. You have thousands of tanks, we have 10.

Do you really, really, really BELIEVE that we will want more?

John Akritas said...

But the entire basis of your existence is that 'Macedonia' was unjustifiably partitioned by Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, that Greece 'occupies' the largest part of unredeemed 'Macedonia' and your 'national' duty is to reunify these lost territories. Related to this is your absurd historiography, the attempt by Tito to annex Macedonia to Yugoslavia, your flirtations with Turkey, whose coattails you must dream of riding on in any war with Greece, the venom of your propaganda against Greece, which might encourage Skopjan fanatics into UCK-style terrorist attacks in Greece and so on.

Generally, though, like I said before, if you had any sense, you'd realise that Greeks have no malice or designs against you and you should worry less about Alexander the Great and more about Albanian separatism. The Albanians and their ambition for a Greater Albania are a common threat to Greece and Skopje.

Darvel said...

Wow. I got to see Greek democracy first hand, well, I guess if you have a problem with the facts…

John Akritas said...

Darvel. I'm happy to allow intelligent or interesting comments from Fyromians and so on, but just can't be bothered with entertaining or refuting your kind of nonsense. It's demeaning to have to deal with claims, for example, that Greeks only started calling 'Macedonia', Macedonia in 1981, that Greeks are not Macedonians, and that Greeks – and not just Greeks, but all of Western civilisation – should rewrite Greek and Western history to accommodate your absurd version of Macedonia's past. I suppose there is a comic value to Skopjan propaganda, which you regurgitate, but most of it is just plain ignorant, some of it borderline insane, both of which can be tiring and certainly aren't worth debating or repudiating.

kirev said...

John, did you read my message - DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE that Macedonia will attack 50 times bigger power? You surely did not answer.

kirev said...
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John Akritas said...

Regrettably, Kirev, you have succumbed to a puerile and ignorant rant, which I'm not interested in hosting, suffice it to say that Macedonia is, has always been and will always be Greek, while you are, have always been and will always be Bulgarians. End of story.

As to your (more reasonable) question: firstly, no I do not believe Macedonia will attack Greece, since Macedonia is in Greece and has no need to attack other parts of the country; and, secondly, if you're asking if Fyromia will attack Greece, then again, no, not conventionally; but clearly most Fyromians are still enthral to the absurd view that Macedonia has been illegitimately divided and that the role of the Skopjans is to reunite it under their control; and, as such, this does amount to a threat to Greece's territorial integrity, and one you seem intent to pursue by prostrating yourself for the Americans – hoping you might be the next Kosovo – and the Turks – and engaging in a campaign of hate against Greece that could inspire terrorist attacks and so on. So, Greece insists on the name not just for the sake of the name, but to convince you to give up your ridiculous version of history and help you to discover your true, Bulgarian selves. You should be grateful – just like you should be grateful to the Greek monks Kyrillos and Methodios, who brought you Greek civilisation in the first place.