Saturday, 5 June 2010

Cyprus and Greece take Gaza initiative – honestly!

This seems like a smart move from Athens and Nicosia, trying to be useful to both the Israelis and Palestinians while showing up the Turks as hotheads and a disruptive influence. The report is from the People's Daily Online.

'Cyprus and Greece have undertaken an initiative to provide "humanitarian support" for the Gaza Strip, a Cypriot government spokesman said Friday.

'The spokesman said the program was agreed upon during a telephone conversation between Cypriot President Demetris Christofias and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou.

'The spokesman did not elaborate on the initiative but said that Cypriot Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou, currently in Israel, has already had a series of meetings, including some with Palestinian National Authority officials, on the issue as Christofias' emissary.

'The Cypriot government last week refused to allow a Gaza-bound aid flotilla to use Cypriot ports as staging points, reversing its past warm support for pro-Palestinian activists.

'The government cited "vital interests" of the island state as the reason, while the Free Gaza Movement, sponsor of the flotilla, believed that Israeli authorities had exerted pressure on Cyprus…'


lastgreek said...

Not good enough.

You want to give both the fuckin' Americans and Turks an apoplectic fit? Send a fuckin' GREEK humanitarian ship to Gaza ESCORTED by the GREEK fuckin' navy. As the escorted ship is on its way, and the whole fuckin' world is awaiting the showdown, invite the Turkish navy to participate. The Turks will piss their trousers, spout some bullshit, and eventually decline for the whole world to see. Meanwhile, the Americans will be moving heaven and earth to resolve the impending crisis.

Just a thought.

lastgreek said...

In case anyone is wondering where I am going with this, each NATO country is obliged to treat an attack on any member as an attack on itself.