Thursday, 4 February 2010

Evidence points to Turks in Tassos grave theft

Just a quick update on the theft of Tassos Papadopoulos' corpse from his grave in early December. (See my previous post on the story here). Last week, police were saying the most likely motive for the outrage was ransom, and that the fact that no demands had yet been made to the family should not be regarded as negating this scenario since in similar cases in Europe the culprits had often waited up to a year to make known their blackmail.

However, tonight's RIK TV news reported that the police were now almost certain that the gypsum the graverobbers used to cover their tracks at the site of the crime was of a particular kind that is only found in one place in Cyprus – the Pentadaktylos mountains in the Turkish-occupied part of the island. From the start, I have stated my suspicion that the Turks had the means, motives and mentality to perform such a perverse and despicable crime and now the evidence seems to be pointing in that direction too.