Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Turks say no to return of Morphou, pin hopes on Russia

The current negotiations between President Christofias and leader of the Turkish occupation regime in Cyprus, Mehmet Ali Talat, are a humiliating farce that reveal just how low Cypriot Hellenism gripped by defeatism has sunk. Take for example this article (in Greek) in the Cypriot daily Politis, which explains that the Turks will refuse to hand back the western Cypriot town of Morphou and its satellite villages – home to some 10,000 Greeks before the Turkish invasion – because of the town's economic significance – the Morphou plain is the most fertile and productive region in Cyprus – and the social costs of returning it – the fact that the up to 50,000 Turkish settlers and Turkish Cypriots dumped in Morphou and its satellite villages would have to be moved to make way for the return of the area's legitimate inhabitants.

Now, because Morphou was always expected to be returned to Greek control in any settlement – indeed, even the 2004 Annan plan envisaged its return – and because Christofias has said that there cannot be any solution without the return of Morphou to Greek control, Politis suggests that the Turkish insistence on keeping Morphou may be a bluff in order to forestall any Greek demands for the return of a portion of the Karpasia peninsular, i.e. the Turks are using Morphou as a bargaining chip to hold on to all of Karpasia. Personally, I don't think the Turks are mentally sophisticated enough to bluff and it's better to take their threats at face value; but either way we see how invidious these negotiations are, demanding as they do that Greeks decide which piece of their land – Morphou or Karpasia – will be surrendered to the Turks.

Another article in today's Politis that caught my attention referred to the increase in Russians holidaying and buying stolen Greek property in the occupied areas, particularly in the Kyrenia region. Apparently, following the European Court of Justice judgment against Linda and David Orams, British interest in Greek land and property in occupied Cyprus has ground to a halt, but interest from Russia – which is, of course, outside the EU and not affected by the ECJ ruling – has, according to Turkish Cypriot 'estate agents', jumped by 50 percent. There might not be anything to this story, and of course we shouldn't take too seriously what is said by Turkish Cypriot 'estate agents' trying to talk up the 'market'; but this does follow on from last week's visit to Turkey by Vladimir Putin presaging closer Russo-Turkish economic ties during which the Russian PM said he expects the Blue Stream gas pipeline project to pass through Turkey and northern (i.e. Turkish-occupied) Cyprus and that he wanted Russia to develop economic relations 'with both parts of Cyprus, including the Turkish part'.

Again, Putin's statements might not mean anything – the Blue Steam project is a long way off and I'd be amazed if Putin understands the intricacies of the Cyprus problem – but they do reflect how vulnerable Cyprus is to shifting strategic alliances and Turkey's increasing economic, diplomatic and political leverage.


lastgreek said...

I was reading on www.rieas.gr that the "Greek" government succumbed to Turkish pressure and fired the Chief of the Armed Forces, Gen. Dimitrios Grapsas and had him replaced with a "nice guy." Gen. Grapsas' faux pas was that he put the interests of the Greek nation ahead of the interests of the political and business (i.e., The National Bank of Greece et al) elites that run Greece. The tough General dared to send Greek commandos to defend Greek territory in the Aegean!!!

I had this wild thought the other night. Wouldn't it be great if Greek scientists were able to clone ancient Greek DNA---preferably Spartan---back to life? Courage is so freakin' lacking in the modern Greek DNA strand.


John Akritas said...

LG. I was reading an article in a Cypriot paper the other day, which suggested that the ordinary Greek soldier is better than the ordinary Turkish soldier, but Turkish officers are better than their Greek counterparts. I thought this was an interesting observation.

Anonymous said...

Well, the turk military is in a state of readiness; whereas our armed forces ARE NOT. The turk has a standing army of 500th, and a reserve of 300th. What have we got ? Nine months of military induction, what kind of induction ?; it is more like schooboys playing truant. We are not ready , nor prepared nor are even thinking of getting ready. The higher echelons of Greek leadership are narcotized with the emetic effluences of the EU. The philosophy goes by saying there can be no war with turks; the EU will ensure of than. Greece has no territorial ambitions, nor maritime ambitions; therefore what is the need for a military establishment ? The leadership is poisoned with the mantra of democracy , human rights ,and other clap trap esoteric theories. Greece is at the vanguard of the EU policies of removal of borders. The eastern Aegean geopolitical configuration is to undergo a change. USA-Israeli interests will see to it. The turk is the surrogote bull mastiff at the service of the USA-Haifa axis.The turk is the barking rotweiler of the axis. Greece's role in the area is of peripehral importance. We need a change of leadership, a paradigm shift in attitudes and mindset. We need a revolution that will uproot the cankerous weed from its roots, a weed that is overgrown and is blighting the land. Today's Greece's history starts " after the junta", " meta this dictatoria". Before that Greece did not exist but in an emtpy vacuum of luciferian scented air. Democracy is everything for Greeks now-- Skatocracy-- a democracy not of the Greek kind but of the marxian-liberal-international-cosmopolitan. On the other hand, if we Greeks, or the majority, are quite content with the situation, we must not complain. A university professor, an intellectual dwarf, said in a lecture to his listeners " We greek are a people, we do not need land or a nation, we are a nation over and above the need of a homeland" . " We are an international kratos, with our diaspora, spread all around the globe; mainland Greece is a territorial demarcation". This is from the mouth of Constantinos Spataris, professor emeritus, visiting lecturer at Athens University and tenured professor in Rutgers College, El Paso. This is our rotten intellectual class with their potted thinking mentality, which is leading our people into the dam walls of the abbattoir. On the other side the turk gleefully watches us disintegrating into a morass of dissolution. Erdogan combs his moustache and readies his scimitar for the moment around the corner, like a furtive pickpocket ready to pounce on an unsuspecting passer by,. Karamanlis has peripatetic jaunts delivering vacuous speeches and making balancing acts to a mass of clapping and ardent followers.