Monday, 31 August 2009

320 Greek Cypriot POWs bayoneted to death

The Cypriot daily Phileleftheros reported today another massacre of Greek Cypriots carried out during the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974. The newspaper quotes an article that appeared in the Turkish Cypriot daily, Afrika, in which a Turkish Cypriot eyewitness recalls that up to 320 Greek Cypriot POWs were bayoneted to death by Turkish soldiers at the end of August 1974.

The massacre occurred when eight buses, each containing 40 Greek Cypriot POWs, were driven to the shores of Kyrenia in preparation for transfer to prisoner camps in Turkey. At the same time as the POW buses arrived, Turkish soldiers were disembarking from ships as part of the Turkish invasion force. On discovering who the POWs were, Phileleftheros reports, the Turkish soldiers attacked the Greek Cypriot prisoners with bayonets and slaughtered them all on the beach.

According to a Turkish Cypriot eyewitness, who admitted he was petrified by the rage and ferocity of the Turkish soldiers, from the blood of the murdered POWs the sea became red.

The Turkish Cypriot eyewitness believes that the victims of the massacre were buried in a spot near the Mare Monte Hotel in Kyrenia.

* The video clip above is the RIK News report on the story, with my English subtitles.


Anonymous said...

Can you upload the video from rik sat?

John Akritas said...

I only saw the lunchtime RIK news today and it didn't go big on the story, presumably because there's no verification. The details they provided were the same as the ones given above; except that they said the TC who came forward was motivated to do so because he wanted to prove, after the murder of the five POWs in Tziaous, that it wasn't Turkish Cypriots who did all the killing, but that Turk soldiers got blood on their hands too. I don't know if RIK evening news had any more details on the story, because the satellite signal has been down.

Anonymous said...

We need the clip in youtube

all of the crimes we hope to be collected on a big film to help our country ΔΙΑΦΩΤΙΣΗΣ campaign new plan is coming

Anonymous said...

what can i say ,i am very upset reading about it and heard alot about turkish troops killing Greek p.o.w before at Kyrinia.please God we unite Cyprus and get rid of turkish troops one way or another.ANDREAS LONDON