Friday, 3 July 2009

Cyprus: the optimistic scenario

Reading again my previous post on the British thief, I was struck by his assertion that since the Turkish occupation regime eased crossing restrictions in 2003 'the Turkish Cypriots have become second-best once again' and how he cited as an example of this supposed Greek revival in the north the swiftness with which 'Greek menus went up in Girne [occupied Kyrenia] harbor and elsewhere'.

Now, even though we can't take seriously the observations of this ignorant crook whose agenda is to maintain the status quo for the sake of his sordid interests; there is a point to be made about how Greek Cypriots anticipate that, if there is a solution and some sort of reunification, they will restore justice and come to regain occupied Cyprus, and this is by force of numbers and economic muscle.

This optimistic scenario is, of course, dependent on a number of factors; one of the most important being that any solution Christofias negotiates with the Turks does not preclude the freedom to settle and own property anywhere on the island. The Turks have insisted in a solution that a kind of apartheid system is established, in which in the Turkish Cypriot constituent state there is always a clear majority of Turkish Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot ownership of land. However, the Turks can only achieve this rigid racial separation if the EU (and Christofias) agrees to permanent derogations from the acquis communautaire, which stipulates that EU citizens have the right to reside and buy property anywhere in the EU. Thus, it is important that Christofias rejects permanent derogations and insists that any temporary derogations are for as short a period as possible. It should be noted that the Annan plan was full of permanent derogations, while temporary ones were to last for so long as to effectively take on a permanent character.

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Θάνος said...

After having read this ‘paper’ again, I am not just surprised that Avigdor Lieberman admires Turkey’s solution for Cyprus:
- It only perpetuates the view that the Greek Cypriot Republic is a legitimate state while this is not.
- The 'international community' will cry foul, but so what? The Useless Nations and the Equally Useless (EU) will never support this side anyway.
“There is no Palestinian state; we should not care about UN and EU as they are anti-semitic organisation that only want Israel to disappear”: isn’t it what AL (and others) says about Palestine?