Monday, 15 June 2009

Κατά την χώραν Κύπρον Σκαιών

Above is a quality video (in Greek) made in 1998 on the state of some of Turkish-occupied Cyprus' most important cities, towns, villages and cultural monuments, including Kyrenia, Lapithos, Nicosia, Bellapais, St Hilarion, Rizokarpaso, the monastery of Apostolos Andreas, Engomi, Salamina, the monastery of Apostolos Varnavas, Lythrangomi, the church of Panayia Kanakaria, and Ammochostos.

It's worth remembering that since the documentary was made 10 years ago, Turkish attempts to eradicate the overwhelmingly Greek character of northern Cyprus have intensified. More and more Turkish settlers have been dumped on the island, as have other foreigners – mostly British – who have taken over land and properties belonging to Greeks forced out by the Turkish invaders.

The title of the documentary – Κατά την χώραν Κύπρον Σκαιών – refers to a work by the 12th century Cypriot saint, St Neophytos the Recluse, which describes the depredations the island suffered under the rebel Byzantine governor Isaac Komnenos and, subsequently, the invading Westerners who seized the island during the Third Crusade in 1191.

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