Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cyprus: my addiction

The piece below is an editorial from the excellent Ardin-Rixi site, which I've translated into English. It makes two very important points regarding Greece and Cyprus. Firstly, that Cyprus and the broader interests of Hellenism have been betrayed for decades by a Greek political elite that has believed in maintaining, above all else, good relations with foreign sponsors; and, secondly, if Greece seriously wants to establish itself as a power in the Eastern Mediterranean then it has to assert itself in Cyprus. See article in Greek here.

Greece's elite, satisfied with a circumscribed Hellenism, regard Cyprus as a 'weight' around Greece's neck, which harms relations with the big powers. This is why, as the songwriter Dionysis Savopoulos wrote, 'the wheeler-dealers hate Cyprus'. Because Cyprus and its incorporation into Hellenism's geopolitical considerations would transform Greece into a decisive actor in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Hellenism without Cyprus is impoverished; but the Greek elite don't care about this. Its main concern is not to be at odds with the big powers, which have always opposed a greater geopolitical role for Greece. This is why the Anglo-Americans, and then the Turks, vigorously opposed the union of Cyprus with Greece. And this is why, even today, they do what they can to weaken the unity and ties between Greece and Cyprus.

And it is no coincidence that, today, as a new Annan plan is being prepared for Cyprus, ties between Greece and Cyprus have reached a nadir and the Cyprus Republic is being led, for the first time, by a party – communist AKEL – that did not participate in the national liberation struggle, between 1955 and 1959.

All of those Greeks now 'tired' of the Cyprus problem – some of whom may have even, at one time, been well-disposed to Cyprus – would do well to reflect how, after the invasion of Cyprus, Turkey intensified its claims in the Aegean and in Thrace.


lastgreek said...

[I am letting out some Hellenic steam.]

Basically what the article is saying is that the Greek "elites" (lol) are pussies---or balless and dickless as my cousin Tony would say. No wonder then the Turks love playing hardball with the Greeks.

Another thing that pisses me off... Why does the Greek electorate keep electing the same buffoons, TIME AND AGAIN, to high office? If it's not a Kara-, it's a Papa-. (I will never forgive the μουνόπανο Papandreou for supporting the Anglo-American plan (aka the Annan plan))

I don't know who paid for Mr. Apostolides' legal fees, but as far as am concerned, it's the Greek government that should be paying the legal fees for ALL dispossessed Greek Cypriots seeking redress in the EU courts. Can you imagine the uproar from the Turks if such a thing were done
? No? Sadly, neither can I.

No balls, no glory, NO UNITED CYPRUS!


Anonymous said...

If they do not elect a Papa, it will be A Kara, or a Mitchos. The electorate simply has no choices, the political kaleidioscope is stuffed and run by an invertebrae political class. Extreme left, or right are simply tags to designate the same fetid programs, anti Greek, of the political class within a system of self perpetuating interests. Whether we have a KKK or a Pasok, it will make no diference whatsoever.The political credo and programs are identical-- turn Greece into a a multicultural, multiracial cesspool of aberrant humanis. The turks do not suffer from this cancerous and eviscerating disease. To beging with with they are a more homogeneous and cohesive racial bloc than us. Their military is a granite establishment and it runs politics behind the scenes. Political parties have to toe a certain line, if not they are forced out by the military. Nationalism and turanism is core the tenet of their political class. In the present moment our politicians are wheeling and dealing with the invasion of our country by afro-asian and muslim foreigners, there is more and more of these rodents and rats every day in the streets of Athens and Greek towns ; there is not a single party or individual capable of simply saying OXI, wallowing from one political scandal to another scandal, our military confined in our barracks, toothless and without influence ,our orthodox church-- formerly our anchor--is now also playing the ecumenical game, nationalism or hellenism is not our currency but internationalism, globalism, EUism, and pluralism is, all under an umbrella of a dogmatic pseudodemocratic regime . We are transiting a period ot utter decadence and degradation. The worst and corrupt flourishes , the good is buried. Everything foreign is worshipped, even our music is being changed to reflect the international character of our once Greek soul. The primary concern of our average citizen is the score of football and basketball teams, like a narcotic, it has the entire Greek nation hooked on this sporting mania, neglecting the struggle of life and death issues. In conditions like this Cyprus can not be a priority to the ruling degenerates. It is a huge question how is one to emerge from this swamp of degeneracy and debauchery. Cyprus was lost in 1959. A greek Kara was bested in the negotiations by a sefaradim sanhedrist Menderes. And we use to say that one Greek was worth 4 sanhedrists ? Menderes outmaneuvered both the priest and the political clerk and planted an irrevocable stake on Cypriot ground stealing it from the bossom of hellenism.

Hermes said...

One of the problems with Ardin-Rixi is that it never really goes into much detail who these elites really are but rather than describes them as some faceless elite cabal selling out Greek interests. Why don't they name names and relationships?

The LSE recently released some essays (in English) on the December 2008 riots written by many of these elites. More often than not, these elites are not paid directly by foreign powers, but they are given positions at their universities, speaking tours at their conferences; they are inflated, flattered by the foreign sponsor, increasing their self importance but decreasing their loyalty to Hellenism. The essays can be found here:

Hermes said...

Another reason why the Cyprus issue is so important because to lose it, or even to partially lose it, means we lose another part of our Eastern inheritance. The Asia Minor Catastrophe, and the loss of Ionia, Pontos, Constantinople, Cappadocia, Bithynia etc, meant that modern Hellenism was cut in half, and which accelerated the Westernisation and reduced aspect of Hellenism with the horrible consequences we witness today i.e. diplomatic cowardice, Atlanticism, compliance with Western European dictacts, lack of cultural creativity, etc. Despite this amputation notice the Greek's almost morbid fascination with the "hamenes patrides" or "lost fatherlands" - we cannot do without it. Therefore, to lose Cyprus would mean an even more reduced form of Hellenism and complete deliverance into the disgusting clutches of the Western Europeans and Americans.

john akritas said...

We know these elites consist of journalists, academics, politicians – both from the left and right, who either regard Hellenism as an anachronistic nationalist enterprise or wish to supplant it with the values of the European Union. Then we have the economic elites, which see Turkey not as a threat to national existence, but as an economic partner and a market to penetrate. That other, new elites don't emerge and displace these old elites – the Karas, Papas and so on – does show the grip they have on Greece and how they've perverted Greek society.

And, yes, Cyprus is part of Asia Minor Hellenism, but it is not immune from Athens' efforts to homogenise Hellenism or the EU's form of modernity. The number of stupid politicians in Cyprus who go on about Cyprus having to change to confirm to 'European' standards is multiplying.

For the way things are going, see this article ( on enclaved Greeks being forced to 'reach out' to Turkish settlers in Rizokarpaso and the comments of Nikos Tornaritis: 'It is our duty to cultivate an awareness of the European citizen, a modern citizen, who must be open to new knowledge and open to other cultures, and who can communicate and understand people of other countries and to cooperate and join the common effort to build a Europe of nations, in which citizens will have equal footing.' Malakas.

lastgreek said...

That other, new elites don't emerge and displace these old elites – the Karas, Papas and so on – does show the grip they have on Greece and how they've perverted Greek societySomeone asked on another blog why the American people don't rise up and protest the massive theft that was orchestrated by Wall Street and abetted by the U.S. government. The reply bluntly came back that if you give an American his Krispe Kreme donut, his Sunday afternoon football, and his Smith & Wesson firearm (I guess to shoot himself in the foot when the occasion arises), then what you get is basically an apathetic individual with a blunted intellectual capacity to distinguish what's important and what's not.

Can the same be said, with the appropriate substitutions, of course, for the Greeks?

Anonymous said...

Greeks of today only care to " live for today". They look up to the decadent corpse of the EU as a panacea for all their concerns. If Greece gets invaded, as it is, it is fine because it is the EU policy. This Euism has become like an idolatrous religion for us Greeks. The EU's policy leads to hellenic nihilism and ultimate death. We have our idols in the pantheon of degenerate personalities and celebrities. Many of the adherents of hellenic nihilism personify its ideas and values in these idolized personalities. We regard any idea or value which conflicts with those espoused by the idols of these personality cults as heresy. The list is endless and all of them on the wrong side of the road : Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Marx, Kafka, Salvador allende , ML King, Mohatma Gandhi Margaret Mead, Castro, etc ,etc., Our enlightened leadership has even brought the master massacrer ataturk in the pantheon. For a Greek PM to travel to turkey and genuflect and pay obeisance before the tomb of a butcher of Greeks could be construed as the last insult to hellenism on the part of a degenerate scion of a political clan. These guys will gladly sacrifice Cyprus, just like their predecessors in 1959 and 1973, and all of Greece as long us they remain satraps and entrenched for perpetuity in their stinking positions. The lack of strength, the weakness, is not only physical, but spiritual, moral and mental. The political class must be swept away with a rake and spade , root and branch must disappear, from a thread bare cloth it is impossible to produce statesmen. These dynastic parasites have outlived their usefulness. They have no interest in the nation, they are glorified clerks and functionaries of the rotten EU gulag.

john akritas said...

One of the few essays I liked in the collection that Hermes points to above is the one by Alexis Kalokerinos. He says, among other things

'In sum, the political system has a peculiar stranglehold on what is a highly fragmented society. The ruling political class hands out public sector appointments and bargains with social groups over the granting of ‘privileges’ and the selective implementation of laws on issues of concern to them. Public discourse is dominated by a left-leaning rhetoric that cuts across the entire political spectrum. Any attempt to alter the status quo is perceived as undermining public goods such as education and social security, not least by those who admit that the current system is not really providing such goods.'

What I find strange about the current situation in Greece isn't the country's glaring failures – all societies sooner or later fail – but the inability of Greece to renew itself. It's the inertia I find so puzzling. Kalokerinos' argument that political discourse has been usurped by a left stuck in the 1960s and 1970s is compelling; but then this begs the question why the Greek right hasn't been able to effectively challenge this discourse. Greeks voted in Karamanlis to dismantle the Pasok legacy, but all he's done is manage it. Maybe it does come down to Karamanlis having no balls.