Monday, 9 March 2009

The Palekythro massacre: more victims are buried

Above is a news item that appeared on Cyprus TV on Friday regarding the Palekythro massacre, which I’ve written about previously here. The murderers were three Turkish Cypriot teenagers from the neighbouring Turkish village of Epiho, who took advantage of the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on 14 August 1974 to descend on Palekythro first to steal livestock and farming machinery from Greek villagers before returning the next day to round up the elderly and the women and children, who were then systematically killed.

Of the 18 Greeks slaughtered, eight were members of one family, spanning four generations. They were Ioannis Mihail, 77, and his wife, Christina, 68, their son, Michalis, 42, and daughter, Margarita Liasi, 48, her three daughters, Eleni, 25, Christina, 23, and Iliada, 18, as well as Loukas Kkailos, aged 2, Margarita’s grandson. Two members of the Liasi family survived the massacre: Giorgios, 15, and Yiannoula, 27, Loukas’ mother. Another brother, Panayiotis, was serving with the National Guard at the time and was not in the village, while the father, Loukas Liasi, was away working in Libya. In the clip (with English subtitles), Giorgios and Yiannoula recall the massacre of their family. Also, see this
report (in Greek) in Simerini.

Below is the report from yesterday’s RIK news on the funeral. The poor quality of the sound (and my Greek) has meant that I haven’t been able to provide English subtitles for the whole clip. The images speak for themselves, however.


Hermes said...

You must continue the Hellenic Antidote project. The minds of Cypriots and other Greeks are slowly being manipulated to conform to the reality of the New Order.

john akritas said...

There are a couple of things to say on the article about the encouragement the so-called Friends of Cyprus group from the British House of Common is giving to the creation of a bogus Cypriot 'national' identity that would marginalise if not eliminate Cyprus' and Cypriots' Greekness.

1. The Friends of Cyprus flatters to deceive, i.e. it pretends it is a caucus representing Greek Cypriot interests to the UK government, but it's real role is the opposite: to convince Greek Cypriots of UK positions.

2. Since landing on Cyprus 1878, the British strategy has been to de-Hellenise the island in order to control it better. The English wanted to create another Malta and a population that looked towards London, not Athens. This is still Britain's ambition.

3. Allies, whether they like it or not, of British de-Hellenisation of Cyprus are the Cypriot communists, who've always believed that the Cyprus problem is one of alien and externally-imposed nationalisms and that a peaceful Cyprus is one in which Greek and Turkish Cypriots reject the identities and influence from their mother countries in order to construct a common Cypriot identity.

Communists in Cyprus would remove anything symbolising Greece from the island – national flag, anthem, holidays – and construct a history of the island that stresses common struggles of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots – such as the resistance of peasants to high taxation under the Ottomans. The communists believe the Cypriot dialect is a national language in its own right, separate to Greek; and that even if Cypriots do share certain cultural characteristics with Helladic Greeks, this is no more significant than the shared cultural characteristics between Britain and Australia.

The Cypriot communists are in government now and I've no doubt that if Christofias and his ilk had their way, they would try to build an artificial Stalinist-Skopjan style 'national' Cypriot identity; but Christofias doesn't have the balls or the support to do this. Besides, AKEL's Stalinist anti-Greek agenda has never been secret and the only reason AKEL has managed to win elections at local and island-wide level is because of alliances it has created with smaller parties, EDEK and DIKO – both of which are nationalistic parties. No one forced them into alliance with AKEL and no one is forcing them to keep backing AKEL.

Hermes said...

I wish you would make that a discrete post.

john akritas said...

Yes, I'll flesh it out a bit and make a post of it.