Monday, 23 February 2009

Solomou's murderer: 'I'd do it again'

In an interview published Sunday in the Greek newspaper Proto Thema, Kenan Akin, the Turk wanted for the murder of Solomos Solomou during the Dherynia protests in August 1996, expresses no remorse over the killing and says he would do it again.

Akin, who is standing in forthcoming 'parliamentary elections' in occupied Cyprus as a candidate with the Freedom and Reform party, which is part of the coalition 'government' in occupied Cyprus, revealed in the interview that he is regarded as a hero among Turkish Cypriots and said he doesn't understand why so much fuss has been made over the death of 'a dog', as he refers to Solomou.

Above is the report that appeared on RIK news on Sunday (my English subtitles) with comments from President Dimitris Christofias, leader of the House of Representatives Marios Karoyian, and Solomou's father, who draws attention to the fact that the actions of Akin, a settler, with connections to the Turkish secret services and who at the time of the murder was 'minister of agriculture' in the occupation regime, were not those of a lone 'barbarian' – as Christofias rightly calls Akin – but the product of the occupation of northern Cyprus, which is rooted in barbarism and that, every day of its existence, cultivates and justifies barbarism.

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