Thursday, 19 February 2009

Skopjan clowns help to lift gloomy Greek

Here among the barbarians in Hyperborea, the economy has collapsed, the news is dominated by a reality TV star really dying of cancer and we haven't seen the sun for two and half years. It's all doom, tawdriness and misery.

Thank god, therefore, for the Skopjans, who we can rely on to lift our spirits with their hilarious historiography and surreal antics.

I saw the pictures above and below on the Strategy-Geopolitics blog. They refer to the 'official' visit last July of a Hunza delegation from Pakistan to Skopje, at the invitation of that shit-hole's prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, who sought to impress his guests – who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great – with a display of 'ancient Macedonian' military prowess. Looking at these fearsome warrior simulacrums, it's easy to see how, with them at his disposal, Alexander crushed the Persians and conquered Asia. The woman in white in the third photo down is not an extra from Star Trek, but an incarnation of Queen Cleopatra; though I don't know why she's surrounded by out-of-work shepherds – my imagination is obviously not as developed as that of the Skopjans.

More seriously: why are we even sitting down with these Skopjan clowns and conceding the name Macedonia to them in any way, shape or form; and what are we to make of a world in which more than 100 states are prepared to lend credibility to Skopje's certifiable fantasies by agreeing to refer to that country as the 'Republic of 'Macedonia'? Is the international community stupid, anti-Hellenic or, in these times of economic depression, just urging on the Skopjans for the laughs they provide?


Θάνος Δ said...

Look at the 4th picture then: are they claiming that Belgium belongs to Skopje and that Tintin was skopjan too?

john akritas said...

Why not? Claiming Belgium belongs to them and saying Tintin is Skopjan makes as much sense as claiming that they're Macedonians and that they have some connection to Alexander and so on.