Sunday, 8 February 2009

Occupied Cyprus to be transformed into Mediterranean Las Vegas

The Turkish occupation of Cyprus is a classic case of colonialism. Kill or throw off its land the local population, then seize its property and exploit it for strategic advantage and/or primitive economic gain. I've written previously, here and here, about how in the last few years the occupation regime in northern Cyprus has, through the usurpation of Greek land, shown itself for the avaricious and rapacious entity it is.

Below are extracts (my translation) from an article in today's Simerini, The Turks are building a new Las Vegas on our occupied land, by Dimitris Manousakis, which describes the shameless plan of the occupation authorities, with the collaboration of investors mostly from Britain and Israel, to transform the pristine wilderness of the remote Karpasia peninsular into a vulgar Las Vegas-style paradise for gamblers and wealthy Arabs.

'The Turkish-occupation regime is turning the pristine wilderness of Karpasia, from the Greek villages of Vokolida to Yialousa, into an all-green valley dedicated to gambling and luxury. Hotel-casinos, a huge shopping centre, a marina and a desalination plant – exclusively for the irrigation of the project – will create a new Las Vegas on our occupied land.

'The grandiose plans of the pseudo-government to secure much-needed income for itself from the usurpation of Greek Cypriot property has been boosted by the interest of businessmen, particularly from Britain and Israel. Works that three years ago were considered pipe dreams have now secured viable investment.

'The pseudo-state is unscrupulously handing out building permits fuelling an unprecedented construction boom that will transform, in less than two years, the wilderness of Karpasia… into a Las Vegas of the Mediterranean, hoping to attract all-year-round, high-end tourism and gamblers from all over Europe and the Middle East…

'Following on from the 'Temple of Artemis' (the five-star hotel-casino opened in 2007, picture right) in the Turkish-occupied village of Vokolida, it is intended that by 2010 another 16 hotel-casinos will open, along with a huge shopping centre [the Big Old Bazaar], a marina and three or four huge apartment complexes with a capacity of 52,000 beds…

‘Adjacent to the 'Temple of Artemis' will be the 'Colosseum' hotel. Modelled on the Colosseum of Rome, the hotel has cost 60m euros and will be followed by the hotel 'Babylon', with a Hanging Gardens of Babylon theme… and then by the hotel 'Noah', styled on Noah's Arc, which will boast 150 rooms, 20 suites and four presidential suites, available only to heads of state or super rich Arabs.

'The pseudo-government has also given the green light for the construction of a series of apartment complexes, with the largest being 'Thalassa' and the 'Karpasi', in the Turkish-occupied village of Yialousa. A marina in Yialousa is already under construction, a joint British-Israeli-Russian project, which will be ready by the end of 2010 and have berths for 400 pleasure craft and a special facility for the large yachts of the rich and famous…'

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