Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Israel’s role in the usurpation of Greek land in Turkish-occupied Cyprus

In this post on the usurpation and exploitation of Greek land in the Turkish-occupied village of Livera, I drew attention to the fact that the theft going on in Cyprus involves the leaders of the Turkish minority and that the expropriation of Greek property and the greed and resentment of the Turkish Cypriots defines, to a large extent, the Turkish occupation. However, it's also worth pointing out that supporting Turkish usurpation are a number of foreign companies, mostly from Israel and Britain.

For example, in the occupied Greek village of Yialousa in the remote Karpasia peninsular, the British company, the Lewis Trust Group, is behind the construction of the appropriately named Port Barbaros complex, which on stolen Greek land intends to create a marina, luxury hotels, two spas, a conference centre, a casino, bars and restaurants.

The Lewis Trust Group describes itself as one of the UK's largest family-owned companies, employing 10,000 worldwide in a range of businesses, including the River Island high-street clothing chain, finance and investment management, and hotels and real estate in Israel, Spain, Thailand and the USA. Turnover for LTG in 2008 was £888m, with profits of £244m, while LTG chairman Bernard Lewis (pictured) is listed by The Times as the 43rd richest man in the UK, at an estimated worth of £1,408m.

Question: why would such a prestigious company want to involve itself in murky dealings in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus?

Perhaps the activities of LTG co-founder David Lewis tell us, since he is a major fundraiser for the Zionist-inspired Jewish National Fund – which buys and manages land in Israel/Palestine for Jewish settlement – as well as being a prominent member of the Israel-Britain Business Council – which promotes trade and economic co-operation between Israel and the UK – while in 1998 Lewis was among a select group of 100 international businessmen who received from Israel, on the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state, the Jubilee Award, in recognition of his contribution to Israel’s economy.

Clearly, then, LTG and the Lewis family are more than willing to use their economic leverage to help Israel pursue its national objectives. Indeed, David Lewis, on being asked why LTG's Isrotel Hotel Management – which owns nine hotels in the Red Sea resort of Eilat and another four in Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Negev desert and the Dead Sea – was taking part in a joint Israel-Jordanian project to develop resorts in Aqaba, said: 'Because Shimon Peres asked me to.'

And no doubt when Mossad, the Israeli foreign ministry or whatever approached the Lewises and said, 'Israel needs you to take part in the illegal development of confiscated Greek land and property in occupied Cyprus because it’ll prove to the Turks what good allies we can be to them and enhances Israel's strategic vision of the eastern Mediterranean becoming, under US patronage, a joint Israeli-Turkish sphere of influence', the Lewises were only too happy to oblige.


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the Greek Cypriot and Jewish communities in Britain,(especially in North London) are not closer. I cant help that feel that if they were scandals like this would be alot less likely to occur. Afterall I think that the Greek Cypriot and Jewish diasporas have quite alot in common. Perhaps a closer Cypriot relationship to Israel/Jewish communities would havea a positive bearing on the Cyprus Problem.
Regards Michael

Hermes said...

John, good post.

Frankly Michael, your response is stupid. You seem to think that Greek problems in Cyprus could be somewhat mended if only the distance between Greeks and Jews in London was bridged - with the Greeks being asked to move closer to the Jews. However, you do not ask yourself that perhaps the distance is a symptom of Jewish or Israeli or Israeli partner's shenanigans in Cyprus and elsewhere. Of course, the Jews in modern society are completely blameless and the thought that they are up to no good would not enter your head because you have been bludgeoned to believe that they are history's victims.

john akritas said...

Hello Michael
I think Jews would only want us to be politically close to them if we unswervingly supported Israel, which we can't and won't do for a number of reasons. Israel made its choice to go with the Turkish horse and since then Greek interests and Israeli interests have diverged. I hope you're not suggesting we should water down our interests to fit in with Israeli interests. In the meantime, we should all boycott River Island – the shops can be found on most high streets in the UK – which shouldn't be too difficult, because its clothes are crap.

Anonymous said...

How long will a Israeli-Turkish alliance last? There are so many regular protests in Istanbul where pro-Palestinian Turks by the thousands carry signs with statements like "Death to Jews".