Sunday, 14 September 2008

Macedonia name mistake

Many thanks to an anonymous commenter on my post Turks and Fyromians get it on, concerning the way Turkey and Fyromia are coming together in an alliance aimed at Greece.

Anonymous draws our attention to Fryomian propaganda videos, two of which I’m making available above. The first one is an expensive piece of Fyromian state propaganda that uses the metaphor of Alexander the Great rallying his troops before the battle of Gaugamela to urge Fyromians to continue their ‘struggle’ against Greece. It is indeed offensive to have the Fyromians portray Alexander as a Bulgarian-speaking Slav. The second video depicts a bizarre Fyromian version of world history, in which Fyromia plays the leading role, and seems to be saying that everyone from Achilles and Odysseus, to Philip the Great and Alexander the Great and Lenin and Stalin are Fyromians, or owe their ‘greatness’ to Fyromia.

Of course, Fyromian versions of history are ludicrous; but the stupidity of the Fyromians is in many ways not the point. The point is that whatever the outcome of the name dispute negotiations with Greece, the Fyromian attempt to usurp Greek history, deny Greek identity and claim Greek territory, will continue.

In these circumstances, Greece’s decision to permit the Fyromians the use of a compound name that includes Macedonia – as in Upper or Northern Macedonia – was a grave mistake. This so-called ‘compromise’ is in fact a defeat for Greece and will only encourage the Fyromians to persist believing the absurd fabrications they have been raised with. It would have been better – for Greece and the Fyromians – if Greece had insisted the Fyromians adopt a name with no association to Macedonia, such as Vardaska, which would allow the Vardaskans to free themselves from their delusions.

However, having made the mistake of granting the Fyromians a connection to Macedonia, all is not lost. Greece should feel under no pressure to come to an early agreement with the Fyromians and in fact Greece’s best option is not to agree anything with them, keep vetoing Fyromia when it comes to NATO and the EU, and in this way wait and watch as Fyromia comes apart, a victim of its own stupidity and internal contradictions.

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