Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Cyprus settlement talks start

The task of Cyprus' president since 1974 has been to prevent the partition of the island and through settlement negotiations to reverse the worst effects of the Turkish occupation – establishing the right of return for the refugees (with as many as possible living under Greek administration), the departure of the Turkish settlers and the Turkish occupation army, i.e. to create a state of affairs that will allow the Greeks, over time, osmotically, through their economic power and prowess, sheer force of numbers and the indelibly Greek culture and history of Cyprus, to reestablish their hegemony over the whole island, making bicommunality, bizonality and federation irrelevant, and eventually, having done this, to fulfil the destiny of Cyprus, which is to unite with the rest of Greece.


Anonymous said...

John -- How many Greek Cypriots these days want this objective?

"to fulfil the destiny of Cyprus, which is to unite with the rest of Greece"


john akritas said...

Well, I'd say, if there was no Turkish occupation and there was a free vote, maybe 90 percent plus of Greeks in Cyprus would vote for a union with Greece. But my point is this: the Greek Cypriots, having to deal with the reality of the invasion and occupation, have accepted a bizonal, bicommunal federation with the Turkish Cypriots in the hope that this will stave off the worst-case scenario, which is partition. Having achieved a bizonal, bicommunal federation, the task then will be to dismantle it step by step, through osmosis, till the Greeks dominate the island again and are able to decide for themselves Cyprus' destiny. This, at least, is the Greek strategy for Cyprus. Whether it's realistic, achievable, overoptimistic, etc, is another matter. The majority Greek view is that once there is a 'solution', our side, using its economic power, will simply buy up the 'Turkish constituent state'. I think this is unlikely. More likely is that Turks, if there is a solution, will pour money into the north to maintain their grip on that part of the island.

Hermes said...

The destiny of all Greeks is to live together once we get these stupid ideas out of our heads that things are better elsewhere.

But for the time being we are likely to lose more than northern Cyprus (with the help of the Amerikanakia).