Monday, 18 August 2008

'We are all Fyromians now'

Because Greece has shown weakness over Macedonia, it has exposed itself to ridiculous provocations and humiliations from the Fyromians who have not let up with their bizarre claims regarding an oppressed 'Macedonian' minority in Greece, a 'Macedonian' Orthodox Church, 'Aegean Macedonian' refugees and so on.

Notwithstanding the psychotic nature of Fyromian behaviour, which reveals a dangerous obsession with Greece bearing all the hallmarks of paranoia and persecution complex, the mad Fyromians have their supporters. Thus, not only have the Turks (unsurprisingly) offered the Fyromian maniacs succour, but they have also been given it by the Americans. Smarting over Russia's humiliation of their Georgian protégés and the threat to their plans to establish US-Turkish hegemony in the Caucasus, the Americans are now going to turn their attention to unfinished business in the Balkans, where they also aspire to assert their authority, alongside the Turks and using the Bosniaks, Albanians and Fyromians as their doormats.

Already, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, from Alabama – a long way from the Balkans – said last week that the dispute between Athens and Skopje 'should not get in the way of the admission of Macedonia [sic] to NATO'. This deliberate and provocative reference to Fyromia as 'Macedonia' and clear expression of support for Fyromia in its claims against Greece revealed Washington's contempt for Greek sensitivities – 'the particular pleasure the US has taken in siding with Skopje on the Macedonia issue' – and its determination to deepen its presence in the Balkans as a means to counter Russia's victory in the Caucasus.

Elaborating on the theme of America using the Balkans to reverse defeat in the Caucasus, Edward P. Joseph, in the International Herald Tribune, drew direct parallels between the Fyromian and Georgian cases, accused Greece of forming an unholy alliance with Russia and Serbia, and argued that Greek national interests and objections to Fyromian nationalism must be overridden and Fyromia admitted to NATO as the 'Republic of Macedonia'.

Now, since Greece is not any time soon going to capitulate to the Fyromians and will thus find itself in the position of frustrating American goals in the Balkans, Greece should expect increasing hostility from Washington – not only backing for the Fyromians, but also for the Muslims in Thrace and Turks in the Aegean and Cyprus – especially if John McCain becomes president, since he seems to have bought into Russophobia and anti-Greek US strategic thinking in the Balkans hook, line and sinker. Last week, explaining to bewildered supporters in Pennsylvania (see video above) why Georgia – that's Georgia in the Caucasus, not Georgia, where all the peanuts come from – matters, McCain declared 'we are all Georgians now'. I wonder how soon it'll be before he's telling them 'we are all Fyromians now'.

It's also worth pointing out that McCain's top foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann has for the last decade been Fyromia's (and Georgia's) leading Washington lobbyist.


Hermes said...

The last proposal appears to be an intelligent one.

john akritas said...

Yes, it is interesting thinking. In fact, I've wondered why we haven't shaken up the Skopjans and shown them what they've got to lose by inviting the leaders of the Albano-Skopjans to Athens for talks, sponsoring them and so on, taking them under our wing. The Greek foreign ministry apparatchiks are a dozy lot.