Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Russia saves the world

In these photos, flak-vested Turko-American stooge Mikhail Saakashvili – educated at Columbia Law School and The George Washington University Law School and former employee at the New York law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler – having decided to take his previously honourable country to war with Russia – takes cover as a Russian helicopter flies overhead in the Georgian town of Gori.

Saakashvili allocated seventy per cent of the Georgian state budget to defence and brought in the Turks and Americans to train the Georgian army, which he thought could take on the Russians for long enough before 'Western' diplomatic and military pressure could be exerted on the Russians to let him get away with his plans for reincorporating Abkhazia and South Ossetia into Georgia.

But Mikhail: where are your friends the Turks and Americans now? And what's happened to your vision of Turko-American-Georgian hegemony in the Caucasus?

I hope that other cretin Gruevski in Skopje who's got similar fantasies of sucking up to the Turks and Americans, subordinating his 'country' to US-Turkish interests in the expectation that they'll back his aspirations against Macedonia, will get the message: choose your friends carefully, or you too could find yourself staring into the abyss.


Hermes said...

Apparently, there were 1000 Israeli advisors in Georgia before the start of the operation. There were also Ukrainian mercenaries. There have also been reports that some "Georgian" soldiers were negroes (American). Azerbaijan is also guilty. They have also significantly increased their military spending recently and many analysts are predicting a clash there soon over Armenian territory. Why America thinks that a region of the world that is 1000 of kilometres from their part of the world is their near abroad and not Russia's is beyond me. But then again when you factor in American greed it does not surprise me. Watch for the Kirkuk issue to explode soon.

By the way we should have moved troops into Skopje. They could retain the name Alexander the Great airport but it would be wholly in Greek territory. Also, we could swap Tetovo for northern Epirus with Albanians. Most of our Balkan problems are then solved we can focus on the occupied north.

john akritas said...

Israelis, Azeris, Americans – what's Saakashvili up to? Georgia has always been part of the Greco-Byzantine world fighting off Turks and Iranians and should have been developing relations with us, not the Turko-Israeli-Americans. Saakashvili's a criminal.

Maybe we could hand out passports to the Skopjan Vlachs, then enter Skopje to protect their human rights before dividing the place up. However, I don't see Greece getting an assertive or imaginative foreign policy any time soon. The Northern Epirots will have to liberate their patrida themselves, maybe with the help of volunteers.