Saturday, 23 August 2008

The revenge of the slave class

‘And now we should not conceal from ourselves what lies hidden in the womb of this Socratic culture! An optimism that thinks itself all powerful! Well, people should not be surprised when the fruits of this optimism ripen, when a society that has been thoroughly leavened with this kind of culture, right down to the lowest levels, gradually trembles with an extravagant turmoil of desires, when the belief in earthly happiness for everyone and in the possibility of such a universal knowledge culture, gradually changes into the threatening demand for such an Alexandrian utopia and into the plea for a Euripidean deus ex machina!

‘People should take note: Alexandrian culture requires a slave class in order to be able to exist over time, but with its optimistic view of existence, it denies the necessity for such a class and thus, when the effect of its beautiful words of seduction and reassurance about the “dignity of human beings” and the “dignity of work” has worn off, it gradually moves towards a horrific destruction. There is nothing more frightening than a barbarian slave class which has learned to think of its existence as an injustice and is preparing to take revenge, not only for itself, but for all generations.’


Hermes said...

Perhaps Biden may be helpful in achieving our objectives. However, as one person writes in the comments section, even though Biden might be anti-Turk, we are pro-Turk. Strange but true.

john akritas said...

From what I can gather, Biden is pro-Greek, Serbophobe and Zionist. Like you, I don't think in America individuals have that much impact on changing national interest. America made its choices regarding Turkey and Greece decades ago and I don't see any realignment coming soon. Turkophilia is deeply entrenched in the State Department, Department of Defence, in the foreign policy think tanks, the Israel lobby and so on. Besides, even if Turko-American relations were to slip – say over the Armenia genocide issue – we don't have the political leaders with the vision or cunning to take advantage of this. Not that I reckon Obama will get elected. Americans aren't going to vote sufficiently for a half-American black man and all he represents.

Hermes said...

I foresee great violence over the next 50 years. No empire accepts a loss of power without lashing out. Nevertheless, Amerikanakia will have to accept they do not solely rule the roost.