Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Soul Kicking, part two: Radio Akritas

Here’s another clip from Yiannis Economides’ Soul Kicking (Psychi sto Stoma: 2005), a reworking of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck. (I initially posted here on the film last month).

In this scene, the unfortunate Taki finds himself owing money to the formidable Popi, who’s not best pleased. Indeed, there is nothing more frightening than an angry Greek woman. The whole film can be seen here.

Posting the clip also gives me the chance to make available in Radio Akritas the four rembetika songs that constitute the soundtrack to Soul Kicking. The songs are:

1. Gyftopoula sto hamam,
by Giorgos Batis (There’s a version of this song sung by Glykeria in Radio Akritas);
2. M' eheis magemeno, by Dimitris Gogos;
3. Trava re manga kai alani, by Kostas Skarvelis; and
4. Se xehasa den se pono, by Kostas Skarvelis.


Anonymous said...


I clicked on this video with my speakers on full and my entire house was filled with "MAL*KA!"!

My family members must have been wondering who was swearing in the house ha ha.


john akritas said...

I know. Next time, I'll give ratings, or health warnings. Good film, mind you.