Thursday, 27 March 2008

Radio Akritas: Papaioannou, part three

Vasili emailed to ask what happened to Yiannis Papaioannou's Turkish-language songs in Radio Akritas. I removed them is what happened to them. While I don't think Turkish is an ugly language, it does sometimes irritate me to hear it. Nevertheless, as a favour to Vasili and others who want to hear and download the Papaioannou songs, I'm making them available in Radio Akritas again – but I don't know for how long. I've also put in Radio Akritas a couple more Papaioannou songs. Altogether the songs are:

1. Karapiperim (in Turkish);
2. Gelmenden, sung by Rena Ntalia and Papaioannou;
3. Rambi-Rambi, sung by Rena Ntalia;
4. Tourkolimano, sung by Papaioannou;
5. Pente Ellines ston Adi (Five Greeks in Hades), sung by Papaioannou; and
6. Karapiperim (in Greek), sung by Rena Ntalia.


legein said...

Pente Ellines sto Adi is my personel theme song. If I ever get to go on the David Letterman Show that is the song I will request as I walk into to sit next to David. Not that I have ever wanted to be on that show. But I am just indicating how important the song is too me.

john akritas said...

It's a great song. I've an older – and more Smyrnaic – version, which I think I prefer to the one I posted and which ends:

Κι όλοι φώναζαν αράδα
να μάς ζήσει η Ελλάδα

rather than:

Κι όλοι φώναζαν από πάνω
Γειά σου Παπαϊωάννου

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these new songs.

Question: Is there anyway that one could download them?


john akritas said...

I have a Mac and what I have to do is run my mouse across the song title, hold down the control key, then click on the mouse; a box then opens offering a download option.

For PCs, I think you have to right click on the mouse over the song to get the box to come up.

I hope this works.

Anonymous said...

John -- Following your advice, I figured out that simply right-clicking on my mouse while the arrow is over a song does the trick!

Many thanks and happy blogging,


legein said...

I have only ever known the lyrics to the Smyrneic version you note above. Note the singing style in the download. Today very few singers can pull those microtones, glissandos and other techniques off. Gradual Westernisation (which elevates strict adherence to the seven tone scale above everything) has seen an important part of our culture slowly fade away.

Another reason to immediately pull out of the EU, NATO and close the borders and destroy all vestiges of Scholastic influence on the Hellenic eucemene.

john akritas said...

I'd also like to stop tourists coming to the country. They've had a disastrous effect on our culture. Before, we were poor, but happy.

Ellis said...

Thanks for Gelmenden. For me, it brings back many happy memories of dancing Sirtaki (?) in small taverns in Greece, in August of 1967.

But now I learn that it is not Greek, it is Turkish! So maybe it is not Sirtaki, either? In any case, for me, it will forever be Greek, and it is Sirtaki.

I have written a PHONETIC guide to the LYRICS, as I hear them, but of course it is not the correct Turkish spelling. Is there any chance that you would know the correct Turkish spelling, and do you have a TRANSLATION to English, so I can understand what the words are saying?

THANK YOU. Your site is GREAT.

My phonetic lyrics of Gelmenden:

Lindi habus bashi ma
Vikis yenti kashi ma

Se ta dei kil me eshdi
U da gele di bashima

Se ta dei kil me eshdi
U da gele di bashima

git de me den

et a ta ma dei
ve me den

Ascolaris Sai co duma
Isi du Isi du sama den

Ascolaris Sai co duma
Isi du Isi du sama den

- Ellis2ca

john akritas said...

Ellis, I'm glad you like the blog. The Turkish lyrics to Gelmenden are as follows:

Indim havuz başına
Bir kız geldi karşıma

Sevda nedir bilmezdim
O da geldi başıma

Gelemem ben gidemem ben
Her adama meyil veremem ben

Aç kolların sar boynuma
Üşüdüm üşüdüm saramam ben

Ben bir ördek olaydım
yol üstüne konaydım
Gelen (de) geçen yolcuya
ben yarimi soraydım

Gelemem ben gidemem ben
Her güzele gönül veremem ben
Aç kolların sar boynuma
Üşüdüm üşüdüm gelemem ben

Havuz başında durma
Çapkın karşımda durma
Kirpiklerin ok olmuş
Yeter kalbimi vurma

Gelemem ben...

I have no idea what the lyrics mean; but Eleni Vitali has a song in Greek based on Gelmenden, called Τι τα θέλεις τα λεφτά... Γλέντα τη ζωή (What do you want with money… enjoy your life), which may or may not be a Greek translation of the Turkish lyrics. The Greek lyrics of the song are:

Τι τα θέλεις τα λεφτά
Nα τα κάψεις, τι τα θες
Χέρια αλλάζουν τακτικά
Mήπως τα ΄χες κι από χτες

Γλέντα τη ζωή, Γλέντα τη ζωή
Όλοι δυο μέτρα παίρνουν γη
Τα λεφτά είναι δανεικά
Xέρια αλλάζουν τακτικά.

I have this song somewhere and will try and put it in Radio Akritas soon.

Ellis said...

Thank you very much! I don't want to bother you, but could you give me a translation of the Greek version of Gelmenden?

Here is a beautiful song in Greek that I have adapted to Spanish, and also to English.

I would like to do the same with Gelmenden. - Ellis

john akritas said...

Hello Ellis, good to hear from you. Apologies for not giving the English translation of the Greek version of Gelmenden first time round; but here it is now.

What do you want with money?
Burn it, what are you going to do with it?
It changes hands all the time
Did you have it before?

Enjoy life, enjoy life
We're all destined for two metres in the earth
Money is loaned
It changes hands all the time

I'll put the Eleni Vitali version of the song in Radio Akritas in the next couple of days.

Ellis said...

John, thanks! You are a scholar and a gentleman. If I am able to do something with it, I will let you know. Ellis Toussier (in Mexico City...)

greekmusicfreak said...

I have scoured the 'Net, and at long last tracked down this wonderful song, thanks to your blog. Not only the song is there, but the Turkish and Greek lyrics, and an English translation. Thank you so very much.
I only have the track on a very old, worn out tape, labelled 'Yanni 1973' (recorded from a vinyl album). I have managed to find the original album, and my favourite Greek music shop, in London, is searching the world - or Athens - for the CD, titled 'Afieroma'. It is definitely out there somewhere.
I defy anyone to be downhearted when hearing this song. It is the one piece of music that I would choose for my desert ilsand shipwreck.It can transport you effortlessly from a dreay, gloomy British winter day to a Greek blue sky in a single hearing. All that's missing is the retsina!

john akritas said...

Hello GMF. I'm glad you found what you were looking for here. The version of Gelmenden I have, sung by Papaioannou and Rena Ntalia, is from a CD I got in Athens a few years back, called Yiannis Papaioannou: ta tragoudia tou, on Alpha MI records. I'm pretty sure I got it from the Metropolis record shop, up near Omonia. Get the boys from Trehantiri – I assume this is your favourite Greek music shop in London – on the case.

Kfeto said...

I went down to the waterfront
Saw a girl
Didn't know what love was before
Till it happened
Bir kız geldi karşıma
i can not stay, i can not go
I can not show interest in every personIndim havuz başına
Open your arms and wrap them around me
I am cold and can not do so
If only I was a bird and could land on the roadside
To inquire the travellers about my love
I can not stay, I can not go
I can not love every beauty
Open your arms and wrap them around me
i am cold and can not do so
Don't stay at the waterfront
Beauty, don't stand across from me
Your eyelashes are like arrows
Enough piercing of my heart
I cannot stay