Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Radio Akritas: Glykeria

At a concert in Athens last week, irate Arab fans interrupted Glykeria’s set after she started singing in Hebrew, following a request by Israeli admirers in the audience. The rowdy Arabs were ejected and although Glykeria was surprised by the disturbance, she was not afraid, according to her husband, who added: ‘Glykeria loves Israelis and feels great visiting Israel and singing in Hebrew.’ (Read full story here).

Of course, there is no good reason for Glykeria to sing in Hebrew other than her attraction to the Israeli shekel. The shekel is also a preoccupation of the Turkish occupation regime in northern Cyprus, which has won the approval of the Israeli government to open a so-called trade office in Tel Aviv to encourage even more Israeli businessmen to invest in casinos, marinas, golf courses and holiday complexes on usurped Greek land on the island. (Read full story here).

Israelis and Britons are the biggest crooks and culprits when it comes to exploiting occupied Greek villages and confiscated Greek land in Cyprus; though let’s not forget that Syria continues to ignore the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus with the Latakia to Famagusta ferry service, even if so far the only passengers transported have been Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian illegal immigrants who arrive in occupied Cyprus before, with the collusion of the occupation regime, crossing into the free areas in pursuit of ‘asylum’ and access to the EU.

Anyway, if Glykeria wants to sing in Hebrew and pander to the Israelis, that's her business and a matter for her conscience. She remains a wonderful singer, and I've made available in Radio Akritas four of her most popular songs.
1. Piga se Magisses;
2. Ta Dahtilidia and
3. To Paploma, both Giorgos Mitsakis' songs; and
4. Gyftopoula sto Hamam, originally by Giorgos Batis from 1932.

The video is of Glykeria and Michalis Tzouganakis in Cretan mode.


Anonymous said...

But of course the Israelis have loads of experience when it comes to occupying usurped land. The state of Israel was founded on the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinian population so it's no wonder that they've found an affinity with the powers that be in the TRNC.

As for the Brits and their attraction to TRNC, it's disgusting. These are the same people who would have leaped to vacation in South African during the height of Apartheid just as the sane world was urging for a boycott.

Sorry if this sounds vitriolic but this topic really rubs me the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

One more note:

Glykeria got was she deserved.


john akritas said...

I'm glad you like the blog; and, of course, you're completely right about the Israelis, the British and the Turks and their antics in occupied Cyprus – thieves and miscreants, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, being a Greek American on the west coast of America I never heard of her. But, I enjoyed watching the video, even though I know very little Greek. If the one in the million chance she should come to Tucson, Arizona to sing I might take the 45 min drive to enjoy her music. Maybe my next trip to Greece- who knows-???

john akritas said...

Hello there in Tucson:
Glykeria has been a big star in Greek music for more than 30 years now; she can sing everything from dimotika to rembetika. As a female singer she's second only to Haroulla Alexiou in quality. It shouldn't be too hard to find Glykeria mp3s in the usual places.