Friday, 15 February 2008

Finally, a recipe

In her latest newsletter to Desperate Greek Housewives subscribers, Anasia Angeli informs her acolytes, once again, that we won’t have to wait much longer for her to get her site fully up and running and for her to regale us with recipes from Cyprus – which has the finest cuisine in the world, in my opinion.

In the meantime, Anasia has been good enough to provide her subscribers with detailed information on how to prepare artichokes – which she says is ‘one of my favourite vegetables this time of year… It has medicinal properties and detoxifies our bodies, especially the liver. It is full of calcium, magnesium, iron [and] B Vitamins’.

Anasia goes on to say that the artichoke can be served raw ‘in quarters or slices with lots of lemon juice as an aperitif or as a starter with a selection of olives and Greek bread’; or ‘cooked with a beaten egg or two and very small chunks of potato fried with a little olive oil’.

Now, I am aware of a Cypriot recipe that involves beaten eggs and asparagus, but not with artichoke and I wonder if Anasia has got her artichokes and asparagus mixed up. However, since Anasia is clearly a bright woman – she is a bank manager – I will give her the benefit of the doubt and accept that my knowledge of the artichoke in Cypriot cuisine is deficient and that it can be cooked in the way she describes.

I’d also like to point out that since I linked Anasia’s site, Desperate Greek Housewives, to this blog, my traffic has significantly increased – with dozens of searches for 'dirty Greek housewives' or 'sexy Greek housewives', and that those most interested in the erotic qualities of the Hellenic housewife are from Turkey and Germany.

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