Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Nothing is Ever Lost

Here’s a video of Haris Alexiou, Sokrates Malamas and Alkinoos Ioannidis singing Tipota den Paei Hameno (Nothing is Ever Lost), at a concert given at Lykavittos Hill in Athens in 2006.
The song is from the 1979 album, Ta Tragoudia tis Haroullas (Haroulla’s Songs), probably the best and most emblematic Greek album of the 1970s, combining three of the most outstanding talents in Greek music in the post-Theodorakis/Hadjidakis era – the incomparable Haroulla Alexiou; the Cypriot composer Manos Loizos – who died in 1982, aged 45; and the eccentric but brilliant songwriter Manolis Rasoulis, who round about the same time was also collaborating with Nikos Xidakis; the result of which were two other groundbreaking 1970s albums, I Ekdikisi tis Yiftias (The Revenge of Gypsydom) and Ta Dithen (The Posers), albums which pointed to an unadulterated, authentically Greek post-rembetika style, which briefly illuminated Greek music but failed to evolve into the dominant popular form, losing out to horrible ersatz Western pop music and skilladika now prevailing in and undermining contemporary Greek culture, which, on his website Rasoulis – a keen follower of the controversial Indian ‘guru’, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (or Osho, as he is now known) – describes as ‘unmitigated amoralism, [emiting] the most pseudo-glamourous decadence in the entire global village [making it my] goal to express the deeper soul of Greece with the universal soul and the global potential in the discovery of an antidote and the production of a new ideology, a new code of values, something which at this very moment is the grail of every intelligent, sensitive and honest citizen of every country, every race, every social class and both genders’.


Hermes said...

John, spine tingling stuff! I first heard this song as part of a Loizos box set. The 1970's were the peak of modern Greek music. Nothing compares. Xydakis is a genius. Still making good music although not as vital as those records with Rasoulis.

Thank you

Hermes said...

Lastly, I am a big fan of Malamas. He wrote one of the best songs ever with Lidakis.

john akritas said...

You're right about Xydakis, and Rasoulis is terrific too – though I don't know much about his recent stuff and it cracks me up that he was involved with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and that his daughter Natalie was involved with Septic Flesh, Greece's leading death metal group. I don't know too much about Malamas – I have one of his albums, Tis Meras kai tis Nychtas, with three or four songs written by Rasoulis – so I'll have to look out for him more.

Hermes said...

Malamas had a strong CD called O Fylakas kai o Aggelos or something like that with Lidakis and Kana singing some songs which I recommend highly. He also made a CD with Xydakis a few years ago which was excellent.

You mentioned Parmenides a while back. There was a good article on him in The Prospect recently. Enjoy


john akritas said...

Thank you, Hermo
All look good. I've just managed to download Xydakis' Πρωτο Βραδυ Στην Αθηνα and Το Μελι Των Γκρεμων; which I'm looking forward to getting into.

AntigoneSis said...

I recently received the CD/DVD of the Alexiou/Malamas/Ioannides Lykavitos concert and discovered Malamas (and Ioannides). I found an interview which Lefteris Papadoupoulos did with Malamas. I'll have to email the link to you, John, because I cannot figure out how to embed the link in the comments section here.

john akritas said...

Thanks for sending the Malamas interview, Antigone. I'll definitely watch it. The link for everyone else is:

(You can make links show up in blogger, but it's a laborious process, so normal text and cut and paste will have to do).

The Alexiou/Ioannides/Malamas Lykatvittos CD/DVD looks really good. Have you ever been to a Lykavittos concert? They're something else. I saw Nikos Papazoglou at Lykavittos a few summers back and the Greek girls in the audience went absolutely wild. I thought my safety was at risk for a while, but I made it out allright.

AntigoneSis said...

You are welcome. Yes, the DVD is very good--it's quite enjoyable to watch ALL of the talented musicians who made the concert possible. No, I have never been to a concert at Lykavittos--one day soon hopefully! Glad you were able to escape from your experience there unscathed, though!
BTW, I did not realize who Lefteris Papadopoulos is until recently--he's the famous lyricist, right?

john akritas said...

Right. He's done stuff with everyone, from Theodorakis onwards, but he is particularly associated with Manos Loizos.

kokotas23 said...

E-mail message

From: theaboo1961@webtv.net Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2008, 8:47am To: theaboo1961@webtv.net Cc: jetdogy@aol.com Subject: I posted at some greek board
Does anyone remember the song from the 70's: "To xylo vgike apo ton paradeiso"?
Jane from NY